All of us love our parents, there's no doubt about it. They are the first friends we've ever made and will always be there for us. But as we grow older, we start making other friends whom we grow closer to. But for some of us, our parents always remain our closest friends because we have the coolest parents in the world. Here are 23 signs that you have the coolest parents ever:

1. You're not pressurised with career choices.

"You don't have to work right away. Take your time to decide what you want to do."

2. They don't judge your friends.

"So what if he drinks, we don't care."

3. Moreover, they are actually close to your friends.

"In fact, call him over. We can have a drink together."

4. They start teasing you with your crush.

"You and her... sitting on a tree..."

5. They crack embarrassing jokes about you in front your friends.

"He used to pee his pants till he was 10."

6. You are not put under pressure to get married early.

"Marriage is for old people. You have fun."

7. For them, love marriage is also okay.

"Knowing you, there are very few people who can keep you happy, so we won't bother searching. Do that on your own."

8. You are allowed to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend over.

"Sure, call her over. Just tell us if we need to talk to her parents."

9. And therefore they are open about sex education and other related topics.

"No, babies do not come from eggs."

10. Your parents don't care about how much the neighbour's kid scored in his/her exams.

"No wonder Sharmaji's son scored a 90. He sleeps with his books, where's the fun in that?"

11. And they don't discourage you to follow your dreams.

"So you want to drop a year and pursue photography? Which camera do you want?"

12. You probably did not know but they secretly praise you when you aren't around

13. They allow you to chill with friends when you want.

"Oh, so you are going out for dinner? Need more money?"

14. And they let you travel.

"Go see the world before age gets to you and you're stuck watching TV with us."

15. They believe in you and let you figure your own path in life.

"Give it time, I trust you will make the right choice, but only after making like a 1000 wrong ones."

16. They also encourage you to be street smart.

"You can take the bus. I commuted by bus throughout my college life."

17. But that doesn't mean they won't spoil you a little.

"Since you have a date, you can take the car."

18. They aren't stingy with your pocket money.

"This money is like your future wife son, be wise and treat it well."

19. They try their best to be at all your events.

"We watched you on stage, you can become a dancer if you want."

20. Plus, they encourage you even if you think you did not do well.

"And so what if you fell on stage? Your fall was better than the other guy's dance."

21. And whatever you do, they have your back.

"Don't worry, everyone makes mistakes. Don't think you're the only one."

22. They may not be tech savvy but they try their best to keep up.

"I have sent you a Whatsapp text message. Why didn't you reply!"

23. And no matter what, they make sure they have some crazy fun with you too.

"Let's make some blanket chutes and jump off the roof."

"My heroes are and were my parents. I can't see having anyone else as my heroes." -Michael Jordan