There is one school of parenting which is all about strictness, stern looks, corporal punishment and fear! Then there’s another where the parents treat their kids like equals and foster a relationship that’s more of a deep friendship and less of a stern guardianship. There are so many of us out there who have been very lucky to have parents who’re not just loving protectors but also kick-ass friends. Here are 11 reasons why it’s amazing to have parents who are also your friends.

1. They treat you like an intelligent adult from an early age itself. They speak to you on equal terms.

2. They don’t wield the weapon of fear when it comes to parenting. They’re friendly and direct with you.

3. They trust you one hundred percent on almost every issue which makes you never want to break their trust in you.

4. When you mistakes, they don’t run at you with a stick. They put their arm over your shoulder and tell you that they’ve made the same mistakes when they were kids.

5. They’re the first ones to tease you playfully in case you’ve done something a little embarrassing. They make sure that you’re comfortable with the topic.

6. When your friends come over, they behave like one of your gang, completely flooring your friends who end up going “Wow! Your parents are cool!”

7. They discuss your taste in music, dance, movies and fashion without sounding offended or displeased about it. In fact, they encourage you.

8. You’ll never feel like hiding anything from your parents because you know no matter how horrible it is, they’ll treat you like a friend and get you through it instead of going ballistic and punishing you.

9. Same way, your parents don’t hide anything from you either. They have honest chats with you.

Sometimes, they even ask your opinion on things that they might be going through.

10. Once you reach the drinking age, your parents will pour you a drink and then give a little talk on the concept of ‘responsible drinking’. They won’t pretend that neither you nor them have ever heard of alcohol.

11. While you have the freedom to share your relationship woes with your parents, they’ll never force you to do something because they want you to. They respect you enough to let you handle your own relationships.