We all want different things from life. Some of us would prefer money over success, while others would be content with being happy. We choose our lifestyle, friends and the people we like to spend our time with and make distinct choices for ourselves everyday that defines how we spend our lives. However, the one question that defies us all is death. We fear it, we try to live healthy and do all sorts of things to postpone it. But no matter how scary it is, we all know the inevitable truth that we are going to die. The only mystery that remains is when.

But what if we knew when? Would our choices remain the same when we’re about to die or would our motto become “live everyday as if it was our last?”

In a Reddit thread, Redditors suffering from fatal diseases, who know exactly how much time they have left, were asked how they spend their last days. The responses of these brave hearts will inspire you to live each moment fully.

“Realizing that there was no treatment, that I’d never be cured, was probably the toughest of all. Life just goes by. I try not to think that my last day could be my tomorrow or act on it with hardcore partying, albeit, I will always enjoy and appreciate every second I live, in pain or not.”


18-years-old secludedbr was diagnosed with vascular ehlers-danlos syndrome since birth. However, a few months back, he was told that he would live on for only 3 years. She talks about her tons of medication and constant check-ups but concludes with a message of hope.

“Everyday I get worse. I couldn’t get my shirt on today. I tend to get up (which is a struggle), get dressed and then sit at my computer here for an hour or so in the morning. Hang out on my couch and read and watch TV. And if the weather is nice, roll out onto my porch to read in the sunshine.”


Sharing her experiences, liliblackhorse, a 53-years-old woman, suffering from ALS writes, I am working hard to get the prescription for death with dignity. This is not how I want to live, have had time to get my affairs in order, which is good, but this sucks.”

“This is my time, and it took me a lot of dying before I could take a deep breath and let go of the stress of living. Sometimes, the best thing for me to do is crack a beer and watch some TV and not feel guilty about it. It’s easy to feel like you absolutely need to make each day count, but if I’m happy, I’m happy.”


Suffering from malignant tumors on his spine, BeetrootRelish knows that his legs would be the first target of cancer. So he takes a walk everyday and tries to visit friends often. But some days he just doesn’t feel like getting out. After a lot of soul searching, he realized all he wanted his remaining days to be was happy.

I’ve found work that allows me to help people who really need it. I read a lot, and I think a lot, and I try to have fun hobbies. I’ve made it a habit to not dwell on what can’t be fixed.”


With limited number of days left, menace64 tries and lives his life positively by helping others. A patient of i noperable brain aneurysm, he says he has stopped making any long term goals in life.

“I was very upset about everything for about 2 years after diagnosis and I’m still hating it most of the time but I try to appreciate the good things that I would miss if I weren’t here.”


Counting her last days of fighting kidney failure, auntiepink shares that she is only alive because of dialysis. A positive outlook in life is all that she is trying to maintain.

Reading this thread on Reddit made me realize how positive life is. These people are not sufferers, they are fighters!

When you’re faced with a truth as grave as death, your perspective to life changes. Idioms seem to carry more meaning and so do sentiments. We don’t count ourselves lucky for simple things like life and health.

It is time we stop blaming others for our problems and feel lucky for every passing day!