The world has created such a bubble around women, that it’s almost impossible to live up to other people’s expectations. So it’s about time, the world (read men) made peace with certain things that don’t necessarily define a woman:

1. We are hairy too. Don’t judge us if we missed our waxing appointment just because we were too busy working. A little extra hair never hurt anyone.

2. Not all of us like or want to have kids. I didn’t like kids EVEN when I was a kid. There, I said it.

3. Our career is important to us. We will put other things on the back burner to succeed . Other things being, marriage.

4.Yes, we get our periods every month. And it’s possible that you will find a StayFree pad around the house; there is no shame in it. #LetsStayFree from the all the judgement that comes with our periods.

5. We are entitled to our share of fun too. That, in no way, means we are easy!

6. There is nothing more insulting than attributing everything we do with “that time of the month.” Whether we are being nice, affectionate or even angry, you can’t (and should not) put us down by saying we are on our period.

7. We like being financially independent. The next time a girl says she is saving up for something, don’t go buy it for her. There is something so empowering about buying our own things.

8. We don’t necessarily like carrying a man’s name. If you can’t carry ours, you should’t expect us to take yours.

9. Not all of us dream of a big fat Indian wedding. We would rather use that money to travel, or save it for a rainy day.

10. We can drive and we can drive well.

11. When we love, we love with our heart and soul. However, our definition of love is a little different. Like Samantha from Sex And The City said, “Is a relationship saying his name fifty times more a day than my own?” We will often put our happiness first.

12. We take a little longer to get ready because we want to look perfect. The days we don’t, we get those “are you a little under the weather” remarks way too many times.

13. Not all women are good in the kitchen. Or other typical “girlie” things. And that’s perfectly all right.

14. We like being comfortable when we go to bed, so don’t get alarmed if we spend a little too much finding the right kind of PJs!

Let’s Stayfree All Night, Every Night!

15. No matter how “feminist” our approach is, there’s nothing we appreciate more than an honest, confident guy. It’s not hard to be chivalrous. After all, it has a lot to do with polite manners and nothing else. And trust us, if you give us our due, we will give you yours. 🙂

Whether you’re a confident 20 year old girl or a bold 40 year old woman, one thing is for sure, you deserve respect. You deserve your due. Men of our lives, you’re adorable and amazing and we’re sure you’ll understand. Make peace! Not war and #LetsStayFree .

Feature Image: Urban Asia

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