Your best buddy has stood by you through some of the most difficult journeys of your life. He/She had a big role to play in most of the beautiful memories that you built in your life. Your best friend also gave you the strength to try things that you wouldn’t have if not for him/her. And then there were also things that you did only because your best friend wouldn’t have done those things if not for you.

Here are some of the things that we first did with our best friends:

1. Your first hair makeover

Ranging from a burgundy streak that flew from your forehead and then behind your ear to the bubble gum pink color that covered your hair, your best friend and you did your first hair experiment together.

2. The first time you ate tiffin in between classes

Remember the day in your life when one of you brought chocolate cake and did not want to wait till the lunch time and decided to stealthily dig in? Ah the sweet joy of breaking a rule! You both discovered it together.

3. Writing your first CV

You both sailed through college together and realized all of a sudden that you were expected to grow up and get a job. You helped each other write your first CV knowing each others strengths and weaknesses better than you know yourself.

4. Confessing Your Love For The First Time

They know how to express what you want to express better than you do. So yes you consulted them at length about how you should express your love.

5. First Road Trip

You sailed for the first road trip of your life together. You spent a lot of time planning road trips together and took the first road trip together. Exactly as planned.

6. First tattoo and the like

The first time that you decided to get the most unusual additions to your beautiful self like tattoos and extra piercings were done with your best buddy.

7. First Great Meal You Cooked

You wanted to surprise your parents who were coming home after a vacation with a grand dinner but had no clue how to. Your best friend came to your rescue and helped you make your first real dinner, complete with dessert.

8. First slumber party

You watched those teenage dramas together with all the sleepovers. And then you planned your first slumber party, together. Complete with all the food, movies, gossip and dares.

9. First crush

You and your best buddy watched all the romantic comedies together. When you realized you were increasingly crushing over someone for the first time and shared it with your best friend, you realized you were both sailing in the same boat.

10. First movie bunk

So there was a movie that you needed to watch but you had boring classes lined up the entire day. You and your best friend decided to ditch the classes and watch the movie. You felt the thrill of being caught but it was totally worth it.

11. The First “Drink”

Booze, smoke and what-not. You tried all of them with your best friend for the first time. Even now, your best buddy is the best person to share a beer with.

12. Fighting A Bully For The First Time

With your best friend you dared to take on that bully who had been the cause of your nightmares for a while. Be it stealing your tiffin, knocking down your cycle or other things, the bully didn’t dare do any of those again because you now had each other’s back.

13. First time you discovered the joy of napping in class

You slept during a boring class relying on him/her to wake you up if the teacher came only to wake up and notice that he/she was fast asleep.

14. Your first double date

Who could be a better choice to take on a first double date than your best friend and his/her partner? You both together had an amazing time and your partners got to know you better.

15. First time you faked signatures

Your terrible report card which would surely bring trouble for you if your parents looked at it troubled you for a very long time. Then your buddy taught you how to fake signatures and saved your soul. Even if only until the next PTM.

16. First social account

The social networking sites were a rage all around you and you both decided to board the wagon together. Then you created your first Orkut/Hi5 account and wrote each other’s testimonials and decided upon profile pictures. You then moved to Facebook together.

17. First prank call

You both made your first prank calls together. You may or may not remember whose idea this was but definitely remember laughing about it for so long after you did.

18. First waxing

There was a time when you and your bestie thought you were grown up enough to dare to get yourselves waxed. That painful memory of having hot wax spread on your arm and the scream that escaped your mouths at once. You shared the most painful time of getting waxed for the first time together.

19. First bike

It was cool and all your friends had one. You both kept begging your parents to get you one. And then both of you got your first bikes, together.

20. Cheating For The First Time

So you both tried to study for that awful exam but ended up talking a lot over the phone the entire night. With just two hours left in your hand you decided to “divide and rule”. So you shared the answers that you knew and nailed it. Or got caught.

The fact that your best friend was always around when you were doing something new in your life, no matter how trivial or important, is a proof of the special bond you share.