Saying Thank-You is such a simple yet an incredibly effective way to make someone’s day. It not only makes you feel good but also makes the other person feel super special. However, there are a lot of people in our lives who help us in more ways than one but whom we never stop to thank. People like:

1. The ones who taught us to be a good person, our teachers

Sure, you don’t need to thank a bad one. But always remember to thank the ones who guided you every step of the way. They are the reason you are what you are today. So, just go thank them. That’s their Guru-Dakshina.


2. That really sweet fellow commuter who gave you a seat in that crowded metro

Your day started on a good note thanks to a great deed a total stranger did for you. Don’t ignore it, and instead, thank that fellow commuter. In fact, try and return the favour the next time you see him or her again.

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3. Thank those skillful drivers, who save you from the trouble of driving like a maniac on the road

I mean, India is infamous for its bad drivers, so the next time you come across someone who’s following the rules and not overtaking you from the wrong side, give them a little nod and thank them for bringing some relief to your daily commute.

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4. That friendly shopkeeper who has a stash of instant noodles stored just for you

Thank him not once but a number of times because if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t have got your dose of two-minute goodness.

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5. Our second mother, our Mother-in-Law

She’s the one who took you as her own and treated you like her own child. Despite what movies and TV shows may depict her kind, you know deep down inside your Mother-in-law loves you. So thank her, for letting you be a part of her family and proving to be your second mother.

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6. Thank your annoying brother for making you stronger

All those fights have not gone in vain because now you are stronger. Those WWF moves he tried on you has only taught you how to defend yourself. Today, go up to him and instead of getting into an argument, thank him.

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7. You should thank your colony’s security guard who opens the door for you every day

He waits tirelessly at the door and you happily walk in and out without giving him even a little thought. How about waiting for a moment and thanking him? Believe me when I say, it will make his day.

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8. The one who cuts your hair deserves a pat on the back and a thank you

Can you imagine your life with your hair stylist? Moreover, can you imagine your life with a BAD hair stylist? Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? Well, that’s why you need to thank the one who tames and takes care of those tresses. If it weren’t for him/her, you would a social embarrassment.

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9. Your family doctor who keeps your all secrets

Let’s face it, going to a doctor is never an easy task, especially if you have ‘bad habits.’ But thanks to the doctor, patient confidentiality pact, a family doctor will never rat you out to your parents. So, a thank you a the least you can do, right?

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10. The waiter at your favourite restaurant

He’s the guy who’s got our back. Whether it’s the biggest discounts, the most awesome deals or the best portions, he’s the man with a plan. He really deserves a big old thank you and a big fat hefty tip!


11. Our gym trainer

He spends his time perfecting our bodies. He makes sure we work out hard enough to feel good about ourselves. And when the weights get a little too heavy, he’s the one giving us a helping hand. Go, thank him!


12. You should thank your maid

Because if it wasn’t for her, your house would always look like it had been hit by a tornado or something. She’s the one who cleans up after you and makes sure you come home to a neat and clean house. Thank her! You really should.

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13. Don’t forget to thank your grandparents

You have spent a dozen happy years of your childhood at their house and no matter how trivial your problem was, they lend you a patient ear and heard you out . Many a time, they have even saved you when you were in trouble with your parents. Thank them, and while you are at it, give them a big fat hug too!

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14. You should thank your friends

Thank the ones you haven’t met for years but still manage to catch up with every now and then and thank the ones who are the constant in your life. Friends are awesome and they surely need some appreciation!

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15. Our wonderfully supportive significant other

It’s easy to take the one we love the most for granted. We tend to overlook everything that they do for us and never really see how hard they try to make sure we remain happy. It’s time to stop taking them for granted and thank them for being so wonderful.

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16. Our mother, who loves us unconditionally

It’s easy to forget all the things that she does for us simply because she never asks for anything in return. She stood by our side whether we got good grades or bad. No matter what happened, she always had our back. Believe me, a simple thank-you will mean the world to her.

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17. The first superhero of our life, our father

He has and always will be there for us unconditionally. Sometimes, because of his hard exterior, it’s difficult to realize just how much he really loves us. If he could, he would walk to the moon and back for us. And if he had to, he would carry us on his shoulders while doing it. Thank your father for being the superman in your life!

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