Environmental degradation and biodiversity extinction are serious problems. If you still don’t know what they mean, then it’s a shame. If you do, then you know the kind of shit we are getting ourselves into. And mind you, it’s scary. Scary as hell!

These 26 pictures are a clear proof of what I’m trying to say.

1. A bird’s eye view of the overdeveloped metropole of Mexico City, which has more than 20 million inhabitants.

2. Poachers brutally murdered this elephant and left his body to rot.

3. A grazing rainforest for the goats now in smoke.

4. London air traffic trails polluting the horizon.

5. A cargo delivering oil-sand for processing, which will be the source of energy in future.

6. Stench of t he Yellow River in Inner Mongolia has left herd farmers breathless.

7. Bangladesh’s waste incineration plant and its surroundings.

8. There is a relative rise in wild fires due to climate change. This one is a still from Colorado.

9. Mining of oil sands in Alberta, Canada, has left these scars.

10. This is what downtown Los Angeles looks like in the night. Try calculating the energy demands.

11. To make a dam, they chain-sawed the trees.

12. In order to have a richly filled- dinner table in Almeria, Spain, they littered the entire area with greenhouses.

13. Showing off a poached Siberian tiger skin! #Disturbing

14. Largest diamond mine in the world – Mir Mine, Russia. This is as scary as it gets.

15. This is what happens when we litter:

16. New Delhi from a bird’s eye. Over 22 million inhabitants. We are in big, big trouble.

17. Maldives is threatened by rising sea levels.

18. Tech junk that’s never going to biodegrade. #SorryMotherEarth!

19. Land gone bald a.k.a. deforestation.

20. This is what deserts of Nevada look like!

21. A burning power station near Fukushima that went unnoticed and unextinguished.

22. A polar bear starved to death in Svalvard, Norway. Homeless and dead. All because of melting polar ice caps.

23. Overexploitation in an oilfield in California.

24. Melting ice cap = Waterfall. And not a pretty one.

25. Air contamination thanks to Lignite power plants.

26. A surfer in Java, Indonesia, riding waves of filth.

Wake up, people! We have to fix these now if not sooner!