Your mom has been giving you hell for not tidying your room since you were a kid. You feel things will change when you grow up! But surprise! They don’t. Once messy, always messy! Some of us just cannot seem to keep our bedrooms neat and tidy for more than 30 minutes. After that, it’s back to square one! Here are 10 signs your bedroom needs your immediate attention

1. There is a large pile of clothes lying in a heap in the corner of your room outside your laundry basket.

2. You spend approximately ten to fifteen minutes every morning looking for your keys, watch or phone charger.

3. You haven’t changed your bed sheet for the last month or so!

4. There are at least half a dozen empty Coke bottles lying on the floor.

5. There are 4-5 chairs in your room all of which are fully covered with clothes, jeans, books, and more clothes.

6. You cannot walk a few feet without stepping on random objects which are just lying carelessly on the floor!

7. Your bedroom is always a no entry zone any time a friend drops in to visit you.

8. There are weird wine stains on your floor which you feel will slowly come to life in a few weeks.

9. Every night you’re about to hit the sack you find at least a hundred objects on your bed. You get rid of it by sweeping it all off the bed and on to the floor!

10. At least 3-4 maids have quit after seeing the condition of your room!