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Hello Master,

You got me home when I was a pup,

And together you and I grew up.

Even if you locked me up while you went to school,

When you came back, I jumped and barked like a happy fool.


I know sometimes life may bring you down,

But as long as I’m around, I won’t let you frown.

There is no better joy than lying at your feet,

I lend you my paw whenever I want a treat.


I know I have made mistakes along the way,

Like chewing your shoe when you were away.

Every time I made a mess and left nothing intact,

I’d behave innocent even when you caught me in the act.


I run with my ears flapping and my tail wagging when you yell “fetch!”

We’ve spent many summer evenings playing for hours at a stretch.

I will get old soon and may not run as fast as you’d want,

But I’ll still be your wingman when we go for a walk.


I know you worry about me when you’re away,

But come home and I’ll treat you the same everyday.

I love snuggling with you while we fall asleep on a winter night,

Don’t ask me why I wake you up by licking your face, it just seems right.


I wish that instead of barking, there were things that I could say,

But I don’t seem to have to because you love me anyway.

Thank you for treating me like family even though I came from outside,

Just wanted you to know that it’s been a wonderful ride.