When an Indian couple vacationing in Australia lost their expensive camera at a store, little would they have thought that someone would make an effort to locate them all the way to India to return it to them. But that’s exactly what Scott Love, the owner of the store did.

The world wide web is a powerful, powerful place!

Love posted some photographs from the camera on his Facebook wall to find the couple and wrote: “As someone who has a heart and also travels often, I know that if I was in this situation, I would be devastated. Lots of memories that this family has now lost and I really want to make it my mission to find them.”

Scott also made a Facebook page called The Found Camera: FIND the Family to locate them. Soon enough, the Internet cast its magic and within 24 hours, the couple was located. The post was shared on Facebook more than 57,000 times!

Incidents like these are what restore our faith in humanity. Way to go, Scott. As for the Internet and its magic, we bow down with respect!

Source : Pinterest