While one can argue for days about how the soldiers in an army are the key element to the power of a country’s military, the truth is it is a combination of several areas. The number of fighter jets and skilled pilots in use, the budget of the army in question and of course, whether the country has nuclear capability are some of the pieces that come together to make an army the most powerful in the world.

The information gathered by Business Insider , who created a chart of the most powerful militaries according to the Global Firepower Index, is what this list is based on. We have compiled each country’s best military assets.

Here are the most powerful armies in the world.

20. Australia

Australia spends over $26 billion annually on on their military might. They have around 58,000 people on active duty, possess 395 fighter jets and 6 military grade submarines. Enough to inflict some serious damage.

19. Indonesia

This country has 476,000 active personnel in their army, which is comparatively massive, in terms of size. They are also in possession of 400 tanks, 400 planes and 2 submarines.

18. Poland

Poland has around 120,000 active personnel, and their soldiers are known for their strength of will. The army also has control of 1063 tanks, 475 planes and 4 submarines for those pesky aqua attacks.

17. Taiwan

Taiwan has about 300,000 soldiers on active duty, and some pretty hi-tech gear to back them up. They also possess 2005 tanks, 775 aircrafts and 4 military grade submarines.

16. Canada

Strangely enough, Canada has the 16th most powerful army in the world, which is also because of their high level of training. They have around 68,000 active soldiers, 200 tanks and 404 jets.

15. Pakistan

Pakistan have a massive 617,000 soldiers on active duty and they also possess around 90-100 nuclear weapons. If that wasn’t enough to intimidate, the Pak army also have 3124 tanks and 847 military aircrafts.

14. Brazil

Brazil spends a pretty huge $33 billion annually on their military capability. To this end, they have 328,000 active soldiers and around 748 fighter aircrafts.

13. Egypt

They have around 470,000 soldiers on active duty. They also possess almost 5000 tanks and 1100 military aircrafts and 4 submarines.

12. Italy

Italy has around 320,000 well trained soldiers in active duty, 600 tanks and 800 aircrafts. Enough to wreak some serious damage.

11. Israel

Israel is well known for their military policy and might. Apart from possessing between 80-200 nuclear warheads, they also hold almost 4000 tanks, and [practically everyone is military trained.

10. Japan

The Japanese spend almost $50 billion a year on their army. They also have around 1500 of the best fighter jets, combined with highly skilled fighter pilots.

9. South Korea

The calmer Korea has spends around $34 billion a year on their army, and they have a massive 640,000 strong personnel. Don’t forget their fleet of 2300 tanks and 1400 aircrafts either.

8. Turkey

Turkey has approximately 410,000 active soldiers, 3500 tanks and around 1000 aircrafts in their military. Suffice to say, their army is more than capable.

7. Germany

The Germans have around 200,000 active personnel in their military, around 700 fighter aircrafts and spend $45 billion a year on defense. Combine that with characteristic German efficiency, and it makes them the 7th most powerful army in the world.

6. France

France has around 230,000 active personnel in their armed forces. They also possess 300 nuclear warheads, more than 1000 fighter jets and spend a hefty $43 billion a year on all that fighting power.

5. United Kingdom

The UK possesses more than 200 nuclear warheads, as well as other advanced weapons and forms of warfare, making it the 5th most powerful army. Their numbers might be comparatively low, but the quality is high.

4. India

India comes in at 4th place, with an active personnel count of 1.3 million people. Apart from a large number of soldiers, the Indian army also possesses around 90 nuclear weapons as well as a large fleet of tanks.

3. China

China has the 3rd most powerful army, with an active personnel that is 2.2 million people strong. They also employ around 9000 tanks, and receive massive central funding.

2. Russia

Russia comes in at a close second, mostly because they possess the maximum number of tanks as well as nuclear warheads in the world. 15,000 tanks and 8,500 nuclear weapons to be specific.

1. USA

Possession of over 7000 nuclear weapons, 13000 weaponised aircraft and a spending of over $612 billion a year on defence makes the United States the most powerful army in the world in overall rankings.

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