Sometimes in life, we experience moments that we wish we could preserve forever. Even though these moments stay with us briefly, they touch our soul in a way that we secretly hope we could hold on to them forever . Things like:

1. Our Mother’s smile.

Let’s face it. Our mother is our favorite person. We love her so much that when she’s hurt, we are hurt. And when she is happy and smiling, we are over the moon. That upward curve of her lips is worth treasuring forever.

2. Those goofy things our dogs do.

Dogs are adorable. They have the tendency to crack us up with their adorable tactics. One moment they will be barking and the very next second, they will suddenly stop and stare at you like they are about to make a long speech or something. Or when they are dreaming in their sleep, their legs move like they are running and then they suddenly wake up. #TotesAdorbs

3. The contagious giggle of our niece or nephew.

Once they start laughing it’s hard to put an end to it.The most nonsensical thing can ignite a laughing fit. And you can’t help but giggle like a silly teenager yourself.

4. The way babies look while they are asleep.

Because they look so peaceful and so innocent. I agree that it’s a whole different story when they wake up, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that there is no sight more soothing than that of a sleeping baby.

5. The first holiday we took on our own.

Be it with our friends or a solo trip, the first vacation we took sans our parents is something we wish we could preserve forever. After all, a lot of time and dedication went into planning it. Holidays may come and go but nothing can beat the excitement of your first trip. And why not? It taught you the most about yourself.

6. The first day at work

That’s probably the only day when we’re more excited than we’re stressed. We actually wake up wanting to go to work. Our entire day is spent meeting new people and not doing any work. And that’s the day our boss actually likes us.

7. All the fun we had in summer vacations.

Who wouldn’t want to hold on to the time when the only thing that stressed us out was our holiday homework! If only we could freeze that time forever, our life would be one big fairy-tale.

8. The moment when your significant other first says those three simple words – “I love you.”

You never stop saying ‘I love you’ to your beloved but the first time you say, that memory has a special place in your heart. It’s almost like your first kiss with a magnitude that’s a hundred times higher.

9. A hug, from that one person, when you needed it the most.

That precious moment of comfort needs to be locked in a glass box and preserved forever because even though we never really stop getting hugs, we never get a hug that’s this comforting .

10. That time when everything in our life was perfect.

We all, at some point of time or the other, have had everything working in our favour. From that moment on, life hasn’t been ‘bad’ per se but it’s never quite matched up to that moment. If only through some miracle we could strand ourselves in that perfect moment, we would be perfectly happy, forever.

The only constant thing in life is change. As much as we would like to hold on to certain things forever, it’s next to impossible to do so. But we can preserve the things we value like our family’s happiness.

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