We’re always told to dream and dream big. To let go of whatever is holding us back and take a leap, seize the moment and achieve everything we’ve ever wanted. But there is also the flip side. The part where we’re supposed to be responsible adults. And here is where the problem begins.

“Never let go of your dreams.”

We’re conflicted and so we opt for the easiest way out. We try to convince ourselves by saying things like “It’s not meant to be”, “I have responsibilities to take care of”, “I have to face reality.” To what end?

I hope this article makes you realize what you’re giving up on by not chasing your dreams. Because, trust me, the price you pay is a lot more than it seems.

You’re unhappy and stuck.

Isn’t happiness what we all seek? What’s the point of anything if you’re not happy?

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You end up making someone else’s dreams come true.

It’s nice to help others, but not at the cost of your own dreams.

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You become a part of the haystack, busy sulking over unfulfilled goals.

On the face of it you may feel happy, especially because others too are coping the same way. But deep down, you know what you’ve given up on.

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Your work is never at its best.

There is a lack of passion in your work. You don’t put your heart and soul in it.

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You start finding solace in distasteful things.

Like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes.

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You stop being yourself.

This change is gradual. But eventually, you become a completely different person from who you used to be. And not in a nice way.

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You start telling people that this is not the life you wanted.

At one point, you wanted it more than anything else. How can you not want it now?

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You become obnoxious and aggressive, even if you try your best to not lash out.

Especially towards people who are happily chasing their dreams.

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You have nothing nice to say about your work.

You don’t like the work you’re currently doing. So why would you talk about it?

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You feel lost.

You think you’ve made peace with the ways of the world. But you’re actually wandering in an unhappy life, shooting arrows blindly. One of those might just hit you back, you know?

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Worst case scenario: You drown in the depression of your own doing. You stop dreaming.

Ultimately, the price for not pursuing your dreams is higher than the cost of pursuing it.

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Like Walt Disney once said, “Dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” So don’t give up. Fight for them. And just so you know, it’s never too late.