We find ourselves constantly wishing we were better people. We constantly keep reading about the selfish nature of people, about how we fail to stand united as a country. But does that mean all is lost? Definitely not! There are several people who are leading a life that should be applauded by all of us.

Inspiring Young India , is one such forum which aims at creating awareness about such people. Here is some of the work we found on their Facebook page :

1. Jadav “Molai” Payeng

He planted his own forest

As a 16-year-old, he was saddened by the death of reptiles in a dried-out sand bar. He decided he would do something about it and started planting trees there. Today, 35 years later, that sandbar has been transformed into a 1,360 acre forest.

2. Dr. Shrikant Jichkar

He did his Masters in more than ten subjects

If there is a spirit to learn, to gain knowledge, he was definitely filled with it. After becoming a doctor, he went on to study law and several other subjects like History, English, Philosophy and Economics. He gave more than 42 university exams between 1973 and 1990. He later joined the Indian National Congress.

3. Ravi Gulati

He quit his job to teach underprivileged kids

An IIM-A graduate with a competitive job in Canada – something all young Indians seem to want? Ravi had all of this. But he decided to quit and do what he really wants to do. Now he gives tuitions to underprivileged kids in a house in Khan Market, Delhi.

4. Dr. Tessy Thomas

She is the Missile Woman of India

The first woman scientist to head a missile project in India, Dr. Thomas was the Project Director of the Agni-IV missile. Because of her contribution to the Defence research and Development Organisation of India (DRDO), she is called the ‘Missile woman of India’.

5. Babar Ali

He runs his own school for underprivileged kids

Having seen his parents struggle to send their children to school, Babar decided to do his bit for children who could not attend school owing to poverty. He started teaching kids after school hours. His work earned him the title of the ‘ youngest headmaster in the world’ by BBC in October 2009, at a tender age of 16.

6. V. Mani

He cares for the children of convicts sentenced to a life-term

A banker who was moved by the plight of the children of life convicts decided to do something for them. And so Society’s Care for Indigent (SoCare Ind) was born. The organisation has helped build more than 2,000 lives by providing shelter, food and education to such children.

7. Subhashini Mistry

She built a hospital in her village which was devoid of all healthcare

A little village Hanspukur, was her home. The lack of proper health care caused her husband’s death and she was left all alone to fend for herself and her kids. She managed not well, but excellently. With her savings and with contributions from other villagers, she set up a hospital so that no one would have to suffer a similar fate.

8. Venkatesh

He saves people from drowning

A school drop-out, Venkatesh has saved more than 450 people from drowning at the Marina beach in Chennai. He works with the Beach Patrol, for no money. He says doing this service to the society gives him immense satisfaction.

9. Reuben Paul

He owns a company at the age of eight years

An 8-year-old who runs his own company ‘Prudent Games’, was invited to give a lecture on Cyber Security. He started learning about computing languages at a young age of six years and is now learning Swift programming for Apple’s iOS platform.

10. Aiku Lal Sandil

He adopted an abandoned boy instead of sending him to the orphanage

A tea seller found an abandoned boy near his tea stall. The boy remembered nothing except his name. Aiku fed him and tried to find his biological parents. After being advised by the police to send the boy-Akbar to an orphanage, Aiku decided to raise Akbar as his own son.

11. Sindhutai Sapkal

She has adopted more than a hundred orphans

Abandoned by her husband and her family for getting on the wrong side of the village strongman, she became a beggar to feed her newborn. She came across several such abandoned kids and decided to adopt them. Because of this she is called ‘Mother of Orphans’.

12. Revanna Umadevi Nagaraj

She is a national champion of Billiards

A typist in the Indian Horticulture Department in Bengaluru, she is a professional billiards player. She is a three time national champion and won the World Women’s Billiard Championship in 2012.

13. Manohar Aich

He is India’s Arnold Schwarzenegger

A winner of three gold medals for India, Manohar Aich, a passionate athlete was imprisoned during his term in the British Air Force for slapping his senior. That’s when he realised his love for bodybuilding. He went on to win the Mr. universe title in 1952.

14. Ashoke Sen

He is a renowned physicist whose work has been acknowledged by Stephen Hawking

A pioneering Indian physicist, Ashoke Sen is the recipient of the Fundamental Physics Prize. He is currently working at the Harish Chandra Research Institute in Allahabad in the capacity of a scientist. He has also been awarded the Dirac prize for his contributions to the field of String theory.

15. Venkatraman

He serves one Rupee meals to the poor

After meeting a lady whose relative was admitted at the Government General Hospital near his restaurant who could not afford to buy dinner for herself, Venkatraman decided to launch a unique 1 Re meal. Each day for the past five years, he has been feeding 30 people everyday.

16. Harakchand Sawla

He provides free food to cancer patients and their relatives

The sorrowful faces of the patients and their relatives outside Tata Memorial Hospital made Harakchand decide to do something for them. He started by providing free food to them and went on to found the Jeevan Jyot trust which runs more than 60 humanitarian projects.

17. Dr. Ravindra Koelhe

He treats patients for a nominal fee of Re. 1

After becoming a doctor, Dr. Koelhe chose to travel to a village Melghat in Maharashtra to render his services to the tribals there instead of looking for a high-paying job. For more than twenty-five years, he has been engaged in providing the villagers healthcare at a nominal price.

18. Gangadhara Tilak Katnam

His aim is to make roads free of potholes

A railway officer, 67-year-old Gangadhara decided to do something about the shoddy state of roads. Because of potholes, several people get injured. He has made it his aim to make roads pothole-free.

19. Kareem Bhai

He distributes newspapers to poor children

In Abids, Hyderabad lives this man who wants to make a difference to the society by making sure that children grow up to be aware individuals. He provides them with free newspapers and insists on them reading it, to supplement their school education.

20. Muringothumalil Santhosh Kumar

He is a FIFA certified referee

He is a FIFA certified referee who is forced to drive an auto to make ends meet. He has referred matches in which famous players like Messi have played but lives a life of ignominy in India.

There is no dearth of talented, caring and ingenious people in our country. It is time we gave them their due and started looking up at them for inspiration.