As kids when we’re asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, our answers barely acknowledge the kind of person we are. We randomly pick the most amusing one of the lot, like a movie star or a pop singer or an astronaut. And then, we grow up and come to more ‘realistic’ ones.

But, some of us don’t. We continue to find our way against the usual 9-5 job. Our sanctity lies in the fact that we’re supremely high on energy and a typically sedentary work-life cannot bring out the best in us. If you’re one of the restless souls then join the club of these 17 types of professionals:

1. Entertainer/ Dancer

One of the best professions to utilize all the energy you’re running with. Keep the rehearsals going, sweat it out and feel awesome about yourself. Trust me, you’d be living the dream.

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2. Writer

If you’re one of the wanderers, experience-seekers and literature lovers, and words are the strings connecting you to the world, then you were born to write. With a hint of intellect, your mind is one of the most restless ones of the world. So yes, go out there and ink your thoughts. Lucky for you if you’re a travel writer!

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3. Journalist/ Reporter

As a journalist, your restless side gets enough opportunities to explore and report the happenings of the world. No two days for you can ever be exactly the same. And you get to know everything way before the rest of the world does! Super, isn’t it?

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4. Fashion Designer

Swaying from one corner of the room to the other is like an everyday thing for a fashion designer. Plenty of clipboards, designs, material and stationary to play around with all day. Perfect for someone anti-mundane.

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5. Teacher

School days are suppose to be one of the best days of our lives and you get to be in one throughout! The noblest profession of them all, you teach, and at the same time, learn so much more. And, of course, you get to play with the kids with pretty decent working hours.

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6. Photographer/ Videographer

For the lens lovers who can capture dreamy visuals and create magnificent things, with a lot of moving around, of course. Long shoots, going places, capturing reality or simply fiction, it’s all on you and well within flexible terms.

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7. Police Officer/ Military

Physically taxing, yes. But if you can channelize all the restlessness toward keeping your countrymen safe and sound, then this one is for you. The training will bust you, but the rewards you get from selflessness and love for your country, is wow-worthy and calls for respect.

Source: wikipedia

8. Tourist Guide

You can be a full-time or a freelance travel guide here. All you have to do is walk around and show people why the place they’re vacationing at is absolutely worth their time. If you love traveling and talking, this one’s for you.

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9. Painter/Artist

As an artist, you’ll have every right to wander around and seek inspiration. You obviously need to have a knack for it; but if you do, then what more do you need to keep your restless side in control? You’ll probably end up depicting the lack of stillness in your own fine way!

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10. Sales & Marketing Professional

If you get into sales, you’re sure to make good money, but trust me, the clients won’t let you sit down for even a second. If you seek corporate solace along with some hectic schedules (but definitely fulfilling), you could end up here. Also, plenty of companies like L.I.C. and Amway, let you passively make money for them and yourself just by networking. So, it is a pretty fine call for someone like you.

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11. Advertiser (Designer & Copywriter)

Creative professionals meet client deadlines yet they don’t roll like the rest of the corporate sector. If you’ve seen Mad Men or The Crazy Ones, you’d know how absolutely insane and unsettling the people of this industry are. If you aspire to be them, join them!

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12. Public Relations Professional/ Publicist

Where there’s an event, there’s you. If you’re someone who loves to throw parties or help your friends organize one, and of course, socialize a lot, this is your career. Both mentally and physically exhausting, it requires a lot of energy from your side; which I suppose you have in plenty!

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13. Sportsperson

Whether you’re a star player, a part of the crew or in the back-end, there isn’t much of sitting down happening in this area. You’re always on the move, either to train or to make sure the team/ player is training right. Lots of fun and movement.

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14. Fitness Expert

You’ve got to be on your toes here, throughout. Whenever there’s someone in need, whether it’s at the gym, a class you take or with a freelance client, you’ve got to be ready to help. All your uneasiness gets sorted with the workouts you do, learn and teach everyone, and thus, it makes for a great profession. You’re getting knowledge, health, body and fun, so why seek money?

15. Flight Attendant

From India to London, Paris, New York, Dubai, China (the list goes on) and back – in loop. Need I say more to explain how awesome this profession if you literally want to go places and get paid for it?

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16. Doctor /Healthcare Professional

This one is particularly useful for you if you’re working in a hospital. Your patients would be scattered everywhere, so you’d get to move around and keep a check on all of them. Besides, haven’t you seen Grey’s Anatomy ? That’s enough reason to become a doc.

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17. Advocate/ Lawyer

Referring to litigation here. Courtroom buzz, clients, running from one court session to the other, filing papers and what not! Litigation is not meant for the calm, easy goers. From your brain to your body, everything gets worked here and let’s not even get into the amount you eventually end up making!

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So, where is your restless butt taking you?