True love is truly hard to find. And it is said that when you find it, hold on it like you have never done before. That is precisely what Tyler Shelton ( TribeTyler ) did. Because he knows it isn’t just about loving his girl, it is about showing her that she means the world to him and that he cares about her family as well. It took him 7 years to pop the question and he did not want to do it without her family’s blessings. Especially her father, who had passed away some time back.

He spoke to her family and asked whether they would be okay with him proposing to her.

And then came his promises to her father, Greg.

“I’ll tell her how beautiful she is and I’ll show her how to believe in herself.”

“And most importantly… I’ll make you proud to call me your son.”

Watch the video of how Tyler finally proposed to Haylee in Rome. And also, how he paid tribute to her father and the entire family for being by their side all this while:

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