Okay, so we've already talked a lot about Vladimir Putin and his remarkably swashbuckling one-liners in an earlier post . But during our research on the Russian President on the Internet, we saw a lot of memes and puns directed at Putin's surprisingly varied outdoor interests and multifaceted personality. While it's at times amusing to see the President of a superpower behave like a Mexican cowboy, it is always inspiring to see him be his real self and try anything and everything under the sun!

Here are 18 unadulterated photographs of Vladimir Putin in his raw glory, doing almost everything and winning at it:

1. Because travelling in unbreachable limos is so passe.

Source: reddit

2. As is sitting in the passenger seat of a plane.

Source: trinixy

3. Discussing underwater life with him isn't a good idea either.

Source: metrotime
Source: blogs.ft

4. Because he has been deep under and seen all of that.

Source: reddit

5. Para gliding is just so routine.

Source: npr

6. So is skiing and flying motorized Delta planes.

Source: latimes
Source: theguardian

7. As is riding ranch horses, shirtless.

Source: theguardian

8. On other days, ice is all you need to cool yourself down.

Source: farfresh

9. Along with a cross-train work out.

Source: linkis

10. And a perfect strike to reduce all the stress levels.

Source: slaq

11. Putin's idea of a perfect weekend.

Source: uatoday

12. And one of his lazy days...

Source: belan-olga

13. Which still gets him these!

Source: aroundcat

14. And his evening getaways with reindeers on secluded islands.

Source: dailymail

15. Because animals can be so understanding.

Source: yoyowall
Source: 24tv

16. As for men... He practices this!

Source: reddit
Source: klma
Source: iltempo

17. Because he can't just rely on his shooting skills alone.

Source: galleryhip

18. And then he goes for the actual kill!

Source: thetimes

Time to reveal your multiple personality disorder to the world, Mr President.