There is something about a quarter-life crisis. It begins early in life and continues till the very end!

1. You constantly find yourself asking the question, “What next?”

2. You often zone out contemplating about life and end up staring at empty walls and strangers.

“What am I doing with my life?”

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3. You have a job but you’re worried that you don’t have a career.

You find yourself in two minds about chasing your dreams or making money.

4. Even though you work day in and day out, your salary paints a rather sad picture.

5. You have zero savings.

6. Your parents just don’t seem to understand you.

They think you’re going through depression.

7. You feel too young to settle down and too old to experiment and try something new.

8. You dream about plans that you know you’ll never execute.

Realisation time!

9. You have so much to do but you still while away time on Facebook.

10. You freak out when you see all your friends settling down, while you have no clue of what you will get up and do tomorrow.

11. Your love life feels like a mess and you are constantly worried about finding the right person for yourself.

12. Even if you are seeing someone, you keep wondering if he/she is ‘the one’ for you.

13. You can’t stop watching the same TV series again and again.

14. You start fearing failure.