There’s not much to say about Rahul Yadav that you haven’t already heard. The Ex-CEO of created a furore through not one but several antics as the head of his company, displaying an eccentric, bizarre and brash attitude that only a 26 year could exhibit. He might be slightly annoying, and just so damn smug, but it’s still fun to read about him, especially via his Facebook cover photos, which perfectly depict his recent life journey.

Here’s a super simple timeline of Rahul Yadav’s recent past via his Facebook photos!

1. A new career towards the start of something beautiful –

August 2012 – is born.

2. He’s providing easy living for people who can’t find accomodation

3. He’s young, smart and made a fortune, just like Batman

December 2014 – Investments keep coming in

4. Donates his entire share in the company to his 2251 employees

March 2015- Donates his shares, claiming he’s too young to chase money.

5. Public spat with Sequoia India MD Shailendra Singh for poaching staff

March 2015- Writes a strongly worded letter to the MD about his ‘unethical and inhuman’ tactics

6. No other way for the company to go but UP!

7. Getting into tiffs with competitors CommonFloor and MagicBricks

March 2015 – Claims MagicBricks was trying to Malign

8. A clear case of shots fired at Times Group

March 2015 – Times Group owns MagicBricks, and thereby joins the fray.

9. Get the best deals, only with

10. Another indirect attack at the (alleged) poaching tactics of competitors and inefficient colleagues

May 2015 – Quits the company, only to rejoin a while later.

11. He’s pissed off a lot of people, namely MagicBricks, Times Group and Economic Times

May 2015 – Facing a lot of flak from all sides for his brash ways.

12. board must decide what to do about his antics

June 2015 – board to decide what to do about him.

13. Axed. Fired. Out of the company.

July 1 – Sacked as CEO of the company.

14. On to bigger and better (hopefully) things!

July 5 – Never giving up.