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Oct 17, 2014 at 16:25

What Happens When You Mix Rap With A Classical Song On Goddess Durga? This!

by Adarsh Vinay

Bangalore-based rapper Brodha V has come up with a foot-tapping classical hip-hop fusion. This music video glorifies one of India's greatest mythological super heroes, Goddess Durga.

Aigiri Nandini, which is the hook of the song, stands for, " Victory to You , the Destroyer of the Demon Mahishasura, Who has Beautiful Locks of Hair and Who is the Daughter of the Mountain." This shloka is included in the song as it is an off-beat take on women empowerment.Listen for yourself:

Brodha V is a popular name in the underground music scene in India. His singles On My Own, Aatma Rama and After Party have cumulatively garnered over 1 million views and have also helped him step into Bollywood. He has also contributed to some of the biggest blockbuster movies like Chennai Express (Ready Steady Po).

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