The world is full of mysterious stories and beliefs. Some people believe in ghosts and some don’t. But there is one thing we all have in common. We all have heard stories from our friends and families, about what happens when a person comes in contact with a spirit or a supernatural being. While some hear unnatural voices, some people see unnatural smoke figures and some just get caught by a ghost.

These first-hand experiences of people who have had uncanny encounters with other-worldly beings will give you cold sweat. Make sure you don’t read them alone.


It happened 3 years ago when I was sleeping. I was suddenly awakened by a noise from the bedroom’s curtain. I stared at it and saw a black shadowy entity, more like the shadow from one of the Harry Potter movies. It was floating and had a smokey effect. It reached its hands on me and I felt so weak. I remembered the thing sucking my strength. All I could see was smoke. And I felt being suspended in the air. I realized that I was only an inch away from the ceiling. And then I felt slowly lowered down in my bed. But to my amaze, when I gained full consciousness, I was not in my bed. I was on the floor unhurt. I rushed outside to tell my mother-in-law about what happened and she said she believed me. She said when she was young, a young lady from the neighbor was found dead and bleeding in the creek.


Throughout my life, I‘ve had several interesting I couldn’t really explain. I experienced paralysis about 3-4 times a year which used to scare me and my family. Sometimes I could see myself lying in bed motionless but couldn’t control my body. One night, I was laying on my couch watching TV when all of a sudden I began to feel the paralysis start. First I lost the ability to move my body left, then I couldn’t speak. I lay there helplessly waiting it out, hoping my grandpa would notice, but suddenly, a black figure appeared next to me.

It was a solid black silhouette, and it hit my ribs constantly. I tried to yell but it sounded like a forced breath, like if I was yelling underwater. And just like that, my voice came back and my grandpa ran over to me, trying to figure out what really happened. I still witness this sometimes.


My maternal grandfather used to trade wood. He was on his way home and the time was past midnight. The driver was driving the truck at Amboli Ghat, which is said to be haunted. When the truck entered that stretch of the ghat , both of them saw a lady who asked for a lift. My grandfather, without thinking a bit as how any woman can wander in a jungle at that time of the night, asked the driver to stop. Luckily he didn’t. He shouted at my grandfather and sped the truck. The scariest part was that the lady was running by the road at the truck’s speed waving her hand asking the men to stop. After they finished the journey on the particular stretch of the road, they stopped at a dhaba and came to know that the lady was seen by many men before and she wanders only in that stretch of the ghat.


When I was around 7, I started spending the night at my grandma’s house. I was sleeping in my grandma’s bed and woke up to use the restroom. It had to be around 3 AM, and I was the only one up at that time. She always kept the bathroom light on for me so I could see where I was going. I went in and started to do my business, when out of nowhere I started to hear too many voices rapidly speaking in a whisper all around me. Something cold clutched my feet and I couldn’t move. They were speaking too fast to understand what was being said. I started panicking and tried to struggle out of their grasp but I couldn’t. Just when I was about to give up the struggle, it left me. I felt as if I was lifeless, not only physically but also mentally.


When my son was about 3 years old, his grandmother passed away during the night. The night had an eerie feeling to it. I felt exceptionally cold but shrugged it off thinking it was just me. For a minute, I heard someone giggling in middle of the night but soon it fainted. The next morning, before we even said anything to my son, he told us that his Gramma came to visit him last night to say goodbye. When we told him that she passed away, his response was simply, “I know, that’s why she came to say goodbye”.


It was the first day of November when I was just about to leave for school. I was standing beside my couch putting my headphone in my bag. My two cats were playing on the stairs by the couch, as they do everyday. Above the antique sewing machine in my house, I saw a very bright blueish white light. It had a noticeable poof sound, and was roughly the size of a Volleyball. The flash of whatever it was not only startled me, it also scared my two cats. They stopped playing immediately and ran out of our living room. It was not the first odd thing I had seen in the house. Once there was an unexplained shadow, a small child’s laughter and other weird noises.


We were driving from Tijuana to Sonora, late at night. I was asleep but woke up hearing my mom say, ‘Is that real? Are there any children inside?’ and my dad just replied, ‘I don’t know, why would there be kids in the school bus at this hour?’

I opened my eyes a little bit and saw a very creepy school bus was driving in front of us at the middle of the desert with all the windows broken, pieces of plastic all around, and kids who were surprisingly quiet. It was dark so we couldn’t see who was driving. Before we could notice the creepiness of the bus, it was way behind us. We waited at a rest stop for about 45 minutes for the bus to pass – the road had no turns so they HAD to pass this gas station but they never did.


My sister and I had planned to take a trip to Los Angeles to visit our older brother and his wife. My sister-in-law greeted us and invited us inside. My sister-in-law had told us months earlier that her 12 year old niece was able to see spirits and that she saw a little girl around her age in the hallway.


Many of us know that there is something out there. I had a shadow following me for years. Normally it would never come into full view or reveal itself to me but I have seen it in my peripheral vision – a shadowy figure floating with red eyes. Sometimes, I feel its fingers on my neck and other times it speaks to me. I think it likes making me feel useless. It likes to control my body and I think I like it too. I like when it makes me feel ecstatic for no reason. But there are days when it hurts me so much, there are injuries all over my body.


One day my friends and I went to the Funfair. When we arrived, we were thrilled by the rides and the atmosphere. Soon after we went on “The Drum Ride”, my friend Carmel felt like vomiting. We took her to a dark and quiet space where she could get some air and get away from the busy atmosphere. Just then I felt something grab my hand and I instantly went hot, and then cold. I couldn’t see anything so I shrugged it off, but then Carmel complained that her chest was tight and she felt someone was holding her neck. On our way back, the car broke down. When we got it checked, it was intact. Later, Carmel started getting neck and chest pains again and when I started to rub her back a force threw my hand back. Everyone was in disbelief. Carmel was admitted to the hospital and 8 days she died.


Mine was an only girls Christian boarding school. There were stories around how the school auditorium was haunted and had dead bodies buried under it. However, I paid less attention to it. One day, I was not feeling well so I dwindled out of my noisy class to look for a peaceful corner. My search ended when I entered the empty auditorium. I sat in a corner and dozed off when a voice woke me up. It was a boy in what looked similar to our uniform. He asked me if the headache was better now. I was confused because nobody knew I had a headache, and there were no boys in my school. I panicked and tried to run but I could not. Some force pushed my head back and then the boy asked me if I would like to play with him. Before I could utter a single word, I felt as if someone fist-bumped my stomach and after every blow, I could hear someone laughing. Years later, I got to know that my school was once had boys too, but that was thirty years ago.


This happened while my life was its lowest point. I am not one of those people who make it a habit to double date but I really started liking this girl in my college. Her name was Tina. I already had a girlfriend. Her name was Priya. My connection with Tina got stronger day by day and we became really close. Few months passed and I received a call from Tina’s friend who said that she was killed in an accident. I was totally shattered and for days, I did not speak to anyone. My old girlfriend kept calling me but I never picked up until this one day, I picked it up. The voice on the other side was very familiar, but it wasn’t Priya. It was Tina’s. She talked about things that only I and Tina knew. She said we should meet one last time.


It was late at night when I was returning from work. I was driving on the Gurgaon-Mehrauli stretch, where I saw an old man sitting in the middle of the road. He looked troubled. I immediately stopped the car and reached out for help. It turned out to be a big mistake. Just as I got off my car, the man vanished. I was confused but I shrugged it off thinking I was just hallucinating. Just as I sat in the car, a figure appeared on my window. I observed it for 2 seconds before there was a thump on my window. I was really spooked but then I gathered my wits and drove back home. Just a kilometre away from my home, I saw someone again and in order to save it, my car hit a tree. Luckily, nothing happened to me. But it was so scary that I still can’t take that route back home.