I’ll be honest. I’m not really into the whole online shopping or selling scene. For this reason, I bear taunts and jibes about being a “Grandpa” and a “Neanderthal” every other day. So when my friend said that you can find some really cool stuff in online selling websites like OLX, I was skeptical. That is until I logged in and had a look for myself. I stood corrected. Here are some insanely cool things you can buy online;

1. This vintage camera. I didn’t even know you could get your hands on one anymore.

2. A 100 year old Royal Navy Telescope. Woah!

3. A vintage 1 Pice coin from 1945. It’s a collector’s item. And it’s selling at Rs. 90. What?

4. Own a piece of Bollywood history. Buy and frame this original movie poster for “Namak Haram.”

5. Nostalgia alert! Someone’s letting go of this Little Master gaming console for Rs.999. I would’ve given the guy a 1000 happily.

6. Royal Enfields are so mainstream. If you’re really into biking history, you have to own a Yezdi.

7. A collection of 500 Raj Comics. For Rs. 16,000. That’s right. Five. Freaking. Hundred.

8. A DSLR that usually retails for around Rs. 70,000 is being pitched for Rs. 54000. What a steal…

9. What do you do when you see a sofa made from the back end of an Ambassador? You buy it of course!

Awesome products like these can just sell themselves. But let’s face it, if you’re selling an old phone or an old laptop, things can get a little tricky. Fortunately, that won’t be the case anymore. Because now, on OLX, you can create your own freakin’ Mad Ads to woo potential buyers! And did we mention that you can create these ads with some really whacky characters? Visit the OLXMadAds website, created by Leo Burnett, here.

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