One of the best things about Reddit is the Ask Me Anything (AMA) forum, where people can interact with interesting people, who are often experts in certain fields. A couple of months ago, Reddit India hosted an AMA session by someone who was once a member of the Special Forces Group in India.

His identity was verified by the moderators of r/India and he also mentioned that he had received the Parakram Padak (the wounded medal) after he sustained injuries in a mission.

Here are snapshots of some of the most interesting bits. The replies are from the id – “libtn” .

On Pakistani and Chinese Armies

On Kashmir insurgency

On the situation in the North-East

On the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA)

Yes, someone even brought out the Kunan Poshpora incident, but he provided a very vague answer

When asked if India had an equivalent of the US Navy Seals

Not everyone was impressed by the Special Forces

Someone asked him for his opinion on the DRDO and even the Gorkhas

The elephant in the room was the topic of corruption in the army, and since it’s Reddit, it didn’t stay ignored for too long

He also addressed a question about alleged rapes by men in uniform

And what about a possible Military Coup in India?

And because it’s r/India, this had to happen too

So what do you think – was this AMA insightful enough?

You can read the entire AMA on Reddit India .