Do you remember the last time you told someone their idea sucked and it wasn’t going to work with the confidence of a drunk fucker saying he can “totally drive”? And do you remember what it felt like when you were proven astoundingly wrong?

Well, here are a few people who ended up eating their words – And the whole world witnessed it. These were the people who did not believe some of the inventions we now know as revolutionary, were ever going to work.

1. Automobile: Invented by Karl Benz

2. Telephone: Invented by Alexander Graham Bell

3. Airplane: Invented by Orville and Wilbur Wright

4. Light Bulb: Invented by Thomas Edison

5. Computer: Invented by Charles Babbage

6. The Motion Picture Camera/Cinematograph: Invented by August and Louis Lumiere

7. Camera: Invented by Nicephore Niepce

8. Radio: Invented by Gugliemo Marconi

9. Television: Invented by John Logie Baird

10. Apple Inc.: Established by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne

So, the next time a dreamer comes up to you, you may be more inclined to reign in the naysayer in you.