Most people seem to the think that women are the ones in touch with their feelings and that men are mostly emotionally unavailable beings who flow through life with a detached idea of love.

There are, however, just as many apprehensions guys face when getting into a relationship as those that girls face. This two way street is a complicated line, as most guys won't admit to these fears.

But here goes: check out the fears most guys go through about a relationship.

1. Sometimes we think the girl will just leave once she gets to know us better and well, heartbreak is not exactly fun.

2. On the other hand, we also fear she might turn out to be the most clingy person on the planet and not give us our own space.

3. We also hope that they don't turn out to be lesbians halfway through the relationship. (This fear is mostly thanks to shows like 'Friends')

4. One lingering fear is that the girl might turn out to be crazier than the woman from 'Gone Girl' or this chick below!

5. We never know whether it's the right time to commit, as that involves actual feelings and intimacy.

6. Then there's the fear that we haven't experienced enough of the single life before getting into a committed relationship.

7. We feel we might not be good enough for them, especially if we don't have the money for someone who's a little high maintenance.

8. And we're also slightly apprehensive about what her friends might think about us.

9. We feel afraid that they might leave just as feelings start to get serious.

10. Sometimes, we're afraid because we don't know whether we're getting into it just out of loneliness or out of actual love.

11. We're afraid to let them get to know the REAL us, morning breath et al.

12. And we're also afraid that we'll never measure up to their previous boyfriends.

13. We're afraid that our lifestyle might be the stark opposite of theirs and that kind of relationship is never compatible.

Despite all these issues, one should ALWAYS go for it if it feels right!