Every now and then, a little voice in your mind starts to bother you when things are going great. We all have our share of insecurities, but letting them get the better of you is pretty much put an end to a good relationship. Here are just some common insecurities that are really not worth falling prey to:

1. Your partner might be better than you

Constantly competing and trying to one-up your partner’s achievements is not cool at all.

2. Your partner has eyes for other people

You need to place your trust in your partner. It’s relationship 101!

3. Your partner is not hot enough

If your only worry in the relationship is if your partner looks good enough to show other people, you need to move on and get some depth.

4. Your partner enjoys chilling with his/her friends more than you

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t have a life beyond you. Calm down!

5. Your partner (or their friends) think you’re dumb

You do you. Stop worrying about what other people think.

6. Your partner secretly hates you, and therefore doesn’t spend time with you

It’s perfectly possible that they’re not spending all their time with you because they have a job/class/appointment/life. No, really!

7. Your partner is more popular than you are

So your partner has 800 followers on Twitter and you have only 500? There are bigger things to worry about in life.

8. Your friends may not like your partner

Remember, you’re dating your partner because you like him/her. Not because your friends would approve of your relationship.

9. Your partner makes more money than you

What difference does that make?

10. You are not good looking enough for your partner

I’m pretty sure your partner loves you for much, much more than just your looks. If not, you deserve to have much better anyway!

Insecurities kill relationships – whether romantic or otherwise. Build confidence in yourself. You’re awesome!