With the recent goings-on around us, there’s been a massive misrepresentation of Muslims the world over, be it from mass media or even the person next door. Frustrated, tired and embittered by the treatment meted out to her, Raad Rahman, novelist and a communications specialist on children’s rights issues, wrote a piece in Guernica detailing just what’s wrong with grouping together extremist terrorist bodies with the rest of the Muslim world, just because they claim to follow the same higher power. She has detailed numerous occasions of blatant discrimination against her and her peers, based simply on the fact that she is a Muslim. There’s some hard-hitting truth in her words that everyone needs to hear.

She talks about the feeling of responsibility that all Muslims have to unfairly share for the actions of a disillusioned few.

She also talks about how her negative experiences of being a Muslim woman in the West made her give up religion altogether.

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Raad brings out the beauty and hope in most of the Muslim people she has interacted with over the years, and contrasts it with the violence and evil of those organisations taking lives in the name of Islam, stating that if there is one thing they are definitely not, it’s Muslim.

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You can read the full article on Guernica Magazine here .