For every lazy person in this world, there are two others who just can’t sit still. You’re fidgety by nature and you get frustrated if you’re constantly not engaged in some kind of activity or the other. Because for you doing nothing is literally the worst thing ever! You’re restless and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Here are 15 signs you’re a person who just doesn’t like to sit still:

1. Whenever you’re sitting down, you keep changing your posture because you feel uneasy being seated in the same position for more than a couple of minutes.

2. Majority of your photographs come out hazy because you find yourself changing poses at the last moment.

3. Sharing a cab with colleagues from office is always tricky because the awkward silence during the ride freaks you out and you end up rambling throughout the journey.

4. While some people choose to sleep on a particular side of the bed, you find yourself spending the first hour of your bedtime endlessly tossing and turning trying to find the perfect sleeping position.

5. Whenever you have guests over at your place, you barely sit down and relax. Instead, you’re constantly running around back and forth asking if everyone’s got everything they need.

6. Lazing around on weekends is top of the list for a lot of people but not you! Chilling and not doing anything freaks you out and you end up doing at least a dozen different things every weekend.

7. Your friends find it difficult to keep up with you while you hang out together because in the middle of one plan you already start making three other plans!

8. It would be a miracle if you can stay on the same TV channel for more than 10 minutes! Your fingers have to keep flicking the channels for you to feel at ease!

9. Every time there’s a meeting or a lecture, you end up doodling all over the last few pages of your notebook because your restlessness always get the better of you!

10. Playing with pens or pencils while you’re thinking of ideas at work happens almost involuntarily for you!

11. Your mind thinks faster than you can speak which results in you completely confusing the people you’re talking to.

“We could do that. Or we could do the other thing. Although there is another thing we can do. In fact, I just thought of two more things.”

12. The accusation “Dude, relax, why are you so hyper?” has been hurled at you by pretty much everyone you know!

13. Thanks to your nature of not being able to stay still, you’re rarely bored. Even if it’s just cleaning your apartment or reorganising your computer, you make sure you’re always busy.

14. You prefer a completely hectic day in office to a day when there’s absolutely no work and it feels like time just won’t freaking pass!

15. You have already checked your mobile twice, played with your hair and done three other things while you were reading this post!