Picture this: It’s a scorching summer afternoon. You are out on the road. The sun is right on your head and beating down on you with all its might. Long story short, you are minutes away from dying of heat stroke and dehydration. Hold on. There’s help. Take a long look around you and chances are that you’ll see some vendor selling thirst quenchers. Here are 10 such coolers that will keep you hydrated and alive.

1. Banta

There’s no way you are getting through to that liquid unless you push some marbles. The sweet and tangy taste is gonna make your taste buds lose their marbles.

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2. Lassi

A tall glass of this rich and frothy slushie is so filing that you can easily skip a meal. And the thick creamy layer floating on top can make you go… Oooohhh!

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3. Masala Chaas

Not only is this a tasty summer drink, it’s free of sugar making it an ideal drink for all you ladies keeping a tab on your weight.

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4. Aam Panna

This is no aam drink… as it packs in a lot more than you can think. Guzzling a glass of this sweet-and-sour syrup before you step out in the sun will help you beat the heat. On a regular summer day, I would just slurp, burp and repeat.

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5. Roohafza

Add Roohafza to water and you get a sweet summer cooler. Add Roohafza to milk and you take it to a whole new level. Heavenly!

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6. Jal-jeera

Jal-jeera is made of jal , jeera and a lot more (a crazy combination of spices). Just take a sip of this green-coloured drink and you’ll feel the flavours exploding in your mouth.

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7. Ganne Ka Juice

There’s something about ganne ka juice that tells me that it’s the most natural summer cooler. Maybe that’s because I can see the juice getting squeezed out of those long sticks. Also it’s addictive to see the gannawaala send the gannas through those rollers on repeat mode.

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8. Mousambi Juice

Nothing beats the Mousambi while refuelling the body with lost vitamins and minerals. Also, the taste is unparalleled.

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9. Machine Ka Thanda Paani

The most simple, cheap and effective thirst quencher that you’ll find on the roads. Somehow the act of paying two rupees for a glass of chilled paani makes it seem like amrit.

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10. Nimbu Paani

Shell out some more rupees and you can convert that machine ka thand paani into a killer nimbu paani . The only drink to not have been affected by inflation.

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I just can’t imagine summers without these beverages.