Hunger is a very real problem, wherever in the world you may be. As per a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation report, over 805 million suffer from chronic undernourishment and over a quarter of them are in India.

While these numbers do seem daunting, even a simple act like donating extra or leftover food to the needy, can go a long way. Which is where an organisation like the Robin Hood Army comes in.

Based in Indian and Pakistan, for over a year now the Robin Hood Army has been going around to restaurants collecting unsold and leftover food, repackaging it and distributing it to people in need.

And on the Independence Days of both nations, the organisation launched #Mission100K to help feed the needy on both sides of the border.

The campaign aims to mobilize students from both countries and get food and nourishment to over 100,000 people.

And the response has been incredible. From Karachi and Islamabad, to Bangalore, Kolkata and Noida, volunteers have pitched in on both sides to help the Robin Hood Army inch closer to their target.

But, as founder Neel Ghose emphasizes, this isn’t a one time activity. This is just a part of a long and sustained effort towards curbing the waste of food and stamping out hunger.

We at ScoopWhoop are proud to join the Robin Hood Army and Uber in Mission100K. If you too would like to play your role here’s how you can do it. Check out the Robin Hood Army website here:

You can also check their Facebook page here .

There are 300 million hungry people in India and Pakistan; if you can’t feed them all – let’s just start with one.