If you have ever been through a similar conversation at any point in your life then you are, in all probability, romantically incompetent!

“I love you””Thank you… Um… Do we kiss now?”

People might think you are anti-love but you are actually not. You just can’t comprehend ideas of intimacy and romance no matter how hard you try. It’s so bad that you can’t even make sense of Karan Johar movies. And thus, there is nothing you can do about advancing yourself romantically.

Here are 15 signs you can relate to if romance is just not your thing!

1. Relationships make you nervous.

It is impossible to have a relationship without romance and romance is something you cannot deal with.


2. You don’t understand the point of love stories and chick flicks.

And it’s not like you haven’t tried watching them.

3. You can’t tell when someone is flirting with you.

For you, it’s just someone being friendly and nice.

4. You end up inviting friends when someone makes date plans with you.

Whether it is going to the movies or dinner after, you end up being a total buzzkill.


5. You don’t know how to react to romantic gestures either.

Butterflies flutter inside your tummy even if somebody holds your hand.

6. You are awkwardly quiet when people talk about romance.

You feel conscious because this is something outside your comfort zone.

7. You think a million times before saying or doing something romantic.

“Should I say Hi darling! or just Hi! or Hello there! or what?”

8. The only time you actually lose your guard is when you are at least 3 drinks down.

It’s true that intoxication kills all kinds of inhibitions.

9. Your first of everything has been a challenge.

First hug, f irst date, first kiss. You name it!

10. Most of your first dates are last dates.

You find it difficult to call back or text even if you have had a good time.


11. Your partner never expects you to say anything romantic.

But that does not mean you’ll try harder. You just feel relieved!

12. You never know what to gift your better half.

You’re not very good with the concept of gifting. It’s also because you don’t remember ‘special’ dates.

13. And so your usual response to the gifts they give you is merely a ‘Thank You’

You don’t realize these things matter until they pick a fight with you and you are defenceless.

14. You relate to all the listicles on awkward dating situations.

In fact, you have a big list of such situations for yourself.