Roommate: a person occupying the same room as another.

Many of us have roommates and flatmates. But that definition changes when, one day, the devil in the form your roomie’s love affair enters your life! And then, finds a way to your room/house. We are no longer the ones occupying the room with them, and the less said about the ‘mate’ part the better.

Here are 26 things you struggle with when your roomie starts dating and you’re all alone fighting the demons!

1. They’re a constant reminder of the fact that you’re single.

Watching your friend get all mushy with his/her loved one is a staunch reminder of your singledom!

2. In your own house, you suddenly become a third party.

Their partner comes over and suddenly you become the kebab mein haddi ! You even have to take your friend’s permission before using the washroom!

3. In fact, you’re expected to vacate your room every time his/her partner comes over. Just another routine thing you adapt to!

It’s like putting the dog out. You are the dog and the girlfriend/boyfriend the master. Only if you could do this:

4. You don’t understand why are you even paying the house rent.

Their partners spend more time in your house than you do. It’s just unfair!

5. There are days when you walk home to a locked door and no matter the number of times you ring the doorbell, they just won’t let you in!

Those are the days you realize the importance of living alone!

6. You’re always afraid that his/her partner might walk in on you. You could be doing just about “anything”.

It should be the other way around but it’s not. And then you have to explain yourself too!

7. You have to make sure none of your “stuff” is lying around.

it’s just embarrassing!

8. You cannot walk around in your boxers or nighties even if you want to!

Three semi-naked people in the house just doesn’t sound right!

9. You’ve had too many ‘awkward moments’ in the house.

You really feel your roomie needs to add a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside the door because running into their hanky-panky moments is just depressing.

10.There are days when you need to play some really LOUD music to survive in the house!

That “sound of love” can only be eradicated by death metal! Either your death or some really bad-ass metal tracks!

11.What’s even more annoying is when they run out of condoms and ask you to get it for them.

Sometimes they even steal the stock you’ve kept for yourself.

12. Sometimes you feel like you’re dating your friend’s partner because he/she tries to change your habits too.

So they want your friend to quit smoking. But why the hell should you get lectures for the same?

13. You’ve to hold your frustration against all the free-gyaan your friend’s ‘judgy’ partner gives you!

14. You’re expected to keep the room/ bathroom clean otherwise what will your roomie’s partner think, right?

15. You can’t cook anything just for yourself because “Yaar, humare liye bhi bana de” follows!

Every time you cook with the two of them around, you get food requests!

16. You can’t watch late night TV/football matches alone or with your friend!

“Yaar woh so rahi hai. Thoda volume kam kar de.”

17. They’ve cancelled too many plans with you because they had “plans” of their own back home!

18. All the after-party accommodation goes to your friend and his/her partner while you crash on the couch or the floor!

They throw you out of your own bed/room. You really don’t deserve this after a drunk night!

19. Sometimes their partners get their annoying pets too to your room/apartment.

It’s nice to see a pet every now and then but when that ‘thing’ takes a leak or poops around in your house, you really want to kill your friend!

20. They also try to set you up with their other friends who most often aren’t your ‘type’.

You might be single and happy but your friend just can’t see you “sulk without a partner”.

21. When you order home-deliveries for dinner, the bill gets divided into half and half.

3 people eat but 2 people pay. WTF?

22. They’ve often left their dirty underwear/clothes around.

And your friend has done absolutely nothing about it!

23. Their late night phone conversations are a ginormous pain in the ass!

How can you sleep with someone yapping next to you? That too with the lights on!

24. You cannot randomly invite your other friends over because you never know what’s happening back home!

A) They no longer chill with you. B) They won’t let you chill with other people either! HUH!

25. Your other friends will never stop making fun of the situation you’re in!

They’re the ones you go to when your roomie’s being a complete ass. But why should that stop them from making jokes on you, right?

26. After all that you’ve been through because of your friend, you feel you’re not really living a single care-free life!

You’re happy for your friend and his/her love life and are always willing to help. But that’s no reason for making your life hell!