Living away from home is one hell of an experience! It teaches you many life lessons and shapes you as a person. When you decide to share your house/room, you come across many different characters. Some crazy, some sweet, there’re all unique in their own way.

If you’ve ever lived in a hostel/PG/flat, you’ll be familiar with these guys:

1. The Non Door Opener

These are the ones who conveniently ignore the fact that your house has a door. They always have an excuse: “I was sleeping”, “I didn’t hear the bell”, “I don’t know where the door is”…

2. The Conformist

The one who is OK with everything you decide for the home. They don’t like to step on others’ toes. Some of them don’t even have an opinion of their own. The peace-loving creatures that they are, they want to be friends with all and work hard to please everyone. The tiniest of altercations can make them cry.

3. The Late Latif

Getting late for college, work or just a birthday party is their signature style. These ones take their own sweet time for everything, even to pick up a call. A lot of times, you are late because of these guys. So if you need to meet them at 2 o clock, you tell them you’ll be there at 1.

4. The Smelly One

They look like they haven’t bathed for ages and they actually haven’t. Their rooms are piled with dirty laundry and they shamelessly leave their undergarments lying around. And let’s not even get started on the smelly feet. Basically, living with these guys makes a gas mask an absolute necessity.

5. The Politically Correct

The ever-so diplomatic one. They are friendly with everyone and friends with none. Their best bet any time of the day is their sweet talk which always makes them right. The aura that they have around them is mesmerizing as you can hardly figure out a way to challenge them.

6. The Borrower

They borrow everything from a pair of socks to money. These ones always find others’ clothes attractive, their songs playlist desirable and their own pen drives missing. So, they come asking you for cigarettes, playing cards, combs, clothes, notes, soaps, perfumes and what not. And wait, here’s the best part: they never remember to return things. In fact, they don’t remember borrowing anything in the first place!

7. The Quarrel Picker

The forever cranky one. The world, according to them, is a nuisance. They have active volcanoes brewing up in their minds, threatening to blow up any time. They pick up fights for no reason at all and find fault in others all the time. They are rebellious and don’t care what others think of them.

8. The Miser

They are overly-careful when it comes to expenses and think of saving every penny for the most trivial of things. They prefer to burn in the scorching heat rather than forking out some money for a cooler. They’ll refuse to split the gas or cable bill saying, ” Main kahaan use karta hoon?

9. The Temperature Controller

The ones with all the weather problems in the room. When it’s super hot and you want to use the AC, they won’t let you because, ” Mekko thandi lag rahi hai .” And when it’s chilly, they want the fan to be on the whole night. They always leaves you wondering which planet they’ve come from.

10. The Noise Machine

They were just born with a high pitch, and can hardly keep it low. They are so loud while talking on the phone, you know everything that’s happening in their life. Even while going about their everyday chores like doing the dishes, they make so much noise. They chew loudly and your sleep has been sacrificed many times at the altar of the loud ones.

11. The Party-Crazy One

They believe everyday is a party and are always in trance. Weekends are great with these guys. They’ll take you to the hippest clubs and their chilled-out party animal friends are cool too. It only gets on your nerves when you come home to find a find a party happening every day. And what’s worse than the night is the morning, when you find the house in an impossible mess.

12. The One With A Dinosaur’s Appetite

The gluttons or if I can put it politely, the ever-so-hungry ones. An extra Maggi, a packet of milk, cheese, ready-to-eat food, anything that you had kept away for a rainy day vanishes without any trace. When questioned, their answer is, “Sorry dude, I was hungry so ate it all. I will get it for you next time, OK!” Of course, they never do.

13. The Truant

They treat your home like a guest house. They are never around. Even the maid and the cook would have stayed in the house longer than these ones. People don’t even know that you guys stay together and the times they are actually at home, you feel mindful of their presence.

14. The Bonus Roommate

Boyfriend/girlfriend/just-a-friend of your roommate. You are so used to having them around after a while that you forget that they don’t actually live here. Sometimes they are beneficial in running errands, other times they are just a couch potato, creating a mess.

15. The Pious One

These religious ones believe that the home is a temple. Mornings begin with the smell of incense sticks and sound of prayers. They don’t allow slippers inside the room. They pray a lot; for exams, for a promotion and even before going on a date! They drag you to temples, churches and mosques. You face long moral lectures if they feel you are ‘on a wrong path.’

16. The Family Favorite

These are the brats you always mange to create an impression on your family. They may be not that good or close to you otherwise but when your folks come over, they are extra sweet. They go for a morning walk with your Dad and help out your Mom in the kitchen. They jell so well with them that you happen to feel that you may be the foster one.

All in all, roommates may soil your room or spoil your clothes after borrowing, but they are the ones who keep you entertained and nurse you back to health when you were sick. However crazy and weird they might have been, your roommates will always be a part of your life and you kind of miss them when they aren’t around.