You have a thing for that girl in office. But she’s always been a mystery. She doesn’t talk much and you’ve been dying to dig in as much information about her as you can, but to no avail. Worry not bro, help is at hand. The next time you spot her having lunch, just pay close attention to what she orders for. Apparently, one’s affinity for a certain kind of roti says a lot about one’s personality. Here’s a list of 11 rotis that tells what kind of a person you are in real life.

1. Phulka

Giving up is not in your genes. You maybe rolled over, put under pressure and made to feel the heat, but no matter how much ever you are pressed down upon… you always rise .

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2. Tandoori Roti

You’re someone who knows the value of all that you have… relationships, friends, education. You may not be perfect but have learnt a lot from the not-so-good times. You’ve been scorched and sometimes burnt, but that’s what has made you into who you are.

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3. Kulcha

You don’t open up with everyone and that makes some people consider you boring. You are at your bubbly best only when you are in the midst of your friends. Just like how the bland kulcha seems so much more fun when teamed with some spicy chole .

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4. Rumali Roti

Emotions mean the world to you. You are as sensitive as it gets, wearing your heart on your sleeve all the time. Even the most trivial of fights with your friends can leave you a little shaken.

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5. Stuffed Parantha

You have so much stuffed inside you that you are perpetually confused about everything in life. You take a decision only after a lot of mulling. But the good thing is that once you put your foot down, you stand by your decision, come what may.

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6. Naan

You have different layers to yourself sometimes which contradict themselves. You advice your heart-broken friend to let go but it’s difficult for your to do the same, you tell your younger sibling never to bitch but you yourself are the biggest gossip-monger, you have a piece of advice for everybody but none of those ever apply to you. Basically, you are a very interesting character.

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7. Namak Mirch Ka Parantha

If there’s no spice, it’s not nice. You like experimenting with things. You get bored with things very soon. Mix-and-match is your thing.

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8. Bajre Ki Roti

People around you take you to be emotionless, but that’s not the case. Sure you are tough from the exterior, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any emotions. Expressing your emotions doesn’t come naturally to you.

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9. Bhatura

You are considered to be the unhealthy influence of the lot. You can influence your friends into doing what they may not want to do. You like perfection even when know that you yourself are not perfect.

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10. Butter Roti

You believe in keeping things as simple as possible and don’t like complications in life. You like to plan out things and be in control. Taking risks is not your thing and even if you do they’d always be calculated ones.

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11. Missi Roti

You might take time to open up and could be a hard nut to crack, but once you warm to a person you get along like a house on fire. Strangers might assume you to be too self-righteous, but once they know the real you, they quickly change their opinion.

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FYI, I like Dosa. Go on… judge me.