The sun is in the sky, there's a cool breeze blowing and you're sipping on whatever your favourite beverage is. The day couldn't get any better, which is why it obviously gets worse. Murphy's Law dictates that on days like these, there will be at least one bird that poops on your head and one coffee that spills on your shirt. It's so easy to go from deliriously happy to insanely pissed off, so check out these simple things that ruin a perfectly good day.

1. When your phone falls down face first. The number of cracks on the screen = the amount of pain in your heart.

2. When you drop coffee on your newly washed white shirt. Coffee stains wine stains though.

3. When you go for a nice walk just to step on some cow/dog/ human poop. Wish it smelled like roses...

4. When you're prepped for a crazy night just to reach the thekka and realise it's a Dry Day. The pain is real.

5. When douchebag birds give you shit literally, without giving a shit figuratively.

6. Scoring a hot date just to wake up the next day with a massive red pimple on your nose. Damn you oily pores!

7. When you get into the steaming hot shower in winter and the water turns cold in 2 minutes.

8. Being number 1 on the train waitlist and crying as the train leaves.

9. When your socks get wet and your feet start feeling like a swamp.

10. When you get on the train/bus for a one hour commute and realise you forgot to bring your book/iPod.

11. When you exceed your Internet data limit before the month is over and speed goes from 4Mbps to 512Kbps.

12. When you're going about your day as usual and you suddenly start thinking of your ex gf/bf.

13. You're super hungry, you order some food and they forget to deliver the main dish or get the wrong order.

"Yes, let the hate flow through you!" - Emperor Palpatine