DISCLAIMER: We don’t have anything against Bhai’s driver, but considering that Salman Khan is going to blame these mis-tweets on the poor fellow anyway, we thought we might as well give the credit ourselves.

Here are 19 tweets from the official @BeingSalmanKhan Twitter handle. But don’t try to make any sense out of them. Kyunki ek baar jo bhai ne tweet karne ki soch li… uske baad to voh logic ka bhi nahi sochthe!

Everyone’s happy about their first tweet…

Bhai goes berserk.

He doesn’t let you read his mind. NEVER.

Bhai’s profound thought for the day…

And sometimes he plays KBC with you!

See? KBC effect!

When Bhai is done with his fans, he talks to himself… in creepy English.

Some more creepy language follows which defies all human logic.

But Bhai is quick to help his fans…

By sending them a ‘female’ id!

Because Bhai believes in spreading love… like a virus.

Through flies…

And ants!

And just when you thought Bhai could go only thus far… he gives you a deep insight into neglected things in life!

And some really thought provoking logic follows.

Bhai keeps you posted on the thoughts that trouble him.

And the price of onions, which trouble the whole country.

But he knows, if Indians can handle his tweets… they can pretty much handle anything in life!

After all what choice does Salman Khan leave you with?

Bhai ki tweets ko samajhne ki zyada koshish mat karna… Newsfeed par aati hain, samajh mein nahi!