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Aug 22, 2014 at 09:13

I Don’t Understand Why We Still Have To Do This To Our Sanitary Pads. It Makes No Sense At All

by Chetna Kaushik

If it is something that half the population goes through every month, then why is it such a big secret? We are talking about what is considered one of the biggest taboos in our society: periods. Yes, PERIODS, the normal monthly cycle that every woman goes through. Then why all the secrecy and stigma around it? Why can't we still talk about it openly without any hesitation?

Why should a woman ever feel the need to hide her sanitary pad? Why should she be ashamed of it? #TouchThePickle campaign addresses this and other issues. It questions all kinds of stigmas attached to woman's period. From being barred to enter the kitchen, observing holy rituals to something as simple as touching the pickle, women for long have been considered impure just for being on their period. It's about time women broke free from all these taboos and be unstoppable.

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