We use the word ‘perfect’ way too often in our everyday lives even when we don’t literally mean it. These GIFs remind you the real definition of the word ‘perfection.’ Some things just have such great timing and fit so well, you’ll want to watch them again and again.

1. Perfect Calculation

2. The “Frisboomerang”

3. Perfect domino effect

4. Perfect drift

5. Perfect peeling

6. Perfect mechanism

7. Perfect swag

8. Perfect loop

9. Perfect teamwork

10. Perfect shuriken

11. Perfect free hand circle

12. Perfect parking

13. Perfect “deal-with-it”

14. Perfect 3-pointer

15. Perfect push

16. Perfect …whatever this is

17. Perfect free kick

18. Perfect stone skim

19. Perfect split

20. Perfect landing

21. Perfect slow-motion

22. Perfect fit