People love getting high, and due to some smart (and some not so smart) decisions by world powers, these people don’t have access to a lot of substances. This doesn’t stop most people though, as you can combine almost anything under the sun (including your own poop) to get woozy. All this experimentation has led to some pretty horrible drugs coming around though, which eat your skin and melt your bones.

Here are some of the scariest drugs in the world today.

1. Krokodil: Turns your skin scaly

In case you haven’t watched one of the million documentaries about this stuff, it’s basically a kind of heroin/ morphine, but made from household chemicals and over the counter drugs in Russia. It can make your skin turn scaly (hence the name) and make your fingers fall off, and that’s just in the first few months!

2. Scopolamine: Blown on face to make you lose all self awareness

Another drug made famous by Vice, this stuff is used in Colombia and other countries. If it’s blown on your face, you basically lose all self control and awareness. You can happily give all your money to someone and not remember what happened the next day. Get a hold of this and you can have your own little zombie

3. Nutmeg: Can cause urine retention and muscle spasms

Yup. Nutmeg. This unassuming spice can cause severe psychotic episodes, hallucinations, muscle spasms, urine retention and a general feeling of extreme discomfort. Regardless of everything I just wrote, there are a few reports online of people writing about their experiences.

4. Synthetic Weed: Can cause strokes and blindness

This stuff is legal and is actually sold in fancy packets. The fact that it caused a perfect healthy teenager to have a psychotic breakdown, suffer several strokes and end up in a vegetative state, blind and unable to recognise her family should be reason enough to never go near it.

5. Dinitrophenol (DNP): Burns up your insides

This is actually a pharmaceutical weight loss drug available on online pharmacies. It restructures the way your body burns fat, and can almost burn you up from the inside. It causes high fevers, respiratory problems and other scary side effects. It was prescribed legally in the 1930s (everything was legal back then).

6. Bromo-Dragonfly: Can cause vein spasms

If you take even a tiny bit more than the ‘suggested’ dose of this drug, you’re jacked. Similar to LSD in effect, it can keep you tripping for more than 3 days. Before you jump on the party bus though, remember that this stuff can also cause seizures, spasms in your veins and blood vessel constriction. Amputation of limbs is required in severe cases. Test your drugs folks!

7. Jenkem: Made from human waste

This one is just nasty. Made by letting human feces and urine ferment in a bottle, it is sniffed and apparently makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. How they keep from puking immediately is beyond me.

8. Etorphine Hydrochloride (M99): Instant death

This opiod is 5000 times stronger than heroin. Before you spoon heating junkies out there start drooling though, know this – It can kill you purely on skin contact. A nice way to die I guess, but not if all you really wanted was a “just a little hit bro.”

9. Peyote: Fear of going insane

Granted, this isn’t necessarily scary, in the sense that it doesn’t have any real harmful effects on your body, and can in fact help you in the long run, psychologically. However, during the trip, you may go through an intense period of fear, of death and of going insane. All this from a cactus.

10. Licking Toads: Hallucinations and puking blood

The Cane toad and Colorado River toad both secrete psychoactive substances. I always thought toads were kind of cool. The bad side is a lot of these compounds can cause muscle weakening, puking blood and even death in some cases!