There is something special about that first crush. You’re still in school, trying to figure out the ways of the big, bad world when you see that person’s face. And for the first time in your life, someone other than yourself becomes the centre of your universe.

As you grow older, heartbreaks, disappointments and failures follow you, but your first crush always reminds you of a time when you were still innocent and life was a whole lot simpler.

Here are 10 reasons why school crushes will always be the best of them all:

1. They made school life so much more interesting!

At a time when you hated going to school, they came like a breath of fresh air. You didn’t look forward to the weekends any more as you would have to go two days without seeing them.

2. You had to talk to them at school to actually talk to them – No calls or WhatsApp.

There was no way you could meet them outside school or call them, and that made it even better!

3. You experienced feelings you didn’t know existed.

You would get butterflies in your stomach if they even looked at you.

4. They were your tiny little steps towards life as a ‘grown-up’.

Despite being a kid, you suddenly started feeling all grown-up, and how you loved it!

5. You were silly and awkward, but it was totally okay.

To talk to him/her, or not to talk to him/her was the biggest question of your life. You were unsure of what to do and acted silly, but it was okay.

6. You finally started thinking about how you looked and made an effort to dress up well so that he/she would notice.

7. Months, sometimes even years went by, without you telling them how you felt.

But the wait was actually the best part.

8. You gave it your best shot because it was your first time!

9. Getting you and your crush together was a huge mission for you and your gang of friends. Also, the most memorable one!

Everything you did, revolved around them.

10. You thought you didn’t know what love was back then, but it was actually quite the opposite.

You experienced it in the most innocent form.

So, you might have grown up and found love, but there will always be a part of you which will look back at the good old days, and every time you do, it will bring a smile on your face!

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