School life was brilliant. And one thing which played a major role in making school life so amazing was the school library. Even those who hated reading used to love the library; that’s how magical a place it was. Here are 12 reasons why the school library was the best place on earth.

1. Every time you flashed the library card at the librarian you felt like the coolest-most important person in the entire school.

2. Hunting for the latest Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew book before your friends found it.

3. The abandoned corners of the library was more like a ‘gossip corner’ for you and your friends.

4. Coming across Sidney Sheldon books with the ‘interesting pages’ marked out by the previous reader.

5. It was perhaps the only place in the entire school where you could just go and be on your own.

6. Whenever there was a free period, the library was the one destination that you ran to.

7. Negotiating with the librarian to avoid paying the fine was like being in a thriller novel.

8. It was the first place where you came across immortal characters like Asterix, Tintin, Archie and others.

9. You took pride in checking out the biggest and fattest novels available in your library and tried really really hard to finish it.

10. The Library was also the place where you had most fun with your buddies playing pictionary, dumb charades and other games.

11. Embarrassing as it is now, we even used to steal some books from the library by hiding them under our clothes.

12. Sometimes, when we forgot to bring our textbooks, the library always came to our rescue!

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