Who doesn’t miss school life? And you might not want to admit it, but you miss your teachers as well. After all, for better or for worse, they helped shape you into what you are today. Here are a few teacher stereotypes we all had in school.

1. The Strict One

The first thing she asked for when she entered the class was a scale or a duster.

2. The Screaming Machine

She was loud. Really, really loud. What she lacked in teaching skills, she made up for in decibel level.

3. The Sweet One

She was everyone’s favourite. They weren’t always the best teachers, but at least they were awesome human beings.

4. The One With The Weird Voice

She was the one with the weird voice or accent that had us lolling around about the most serious topics.

5. The Chalk Chucker

She used more chalk-sticks on us than on the blackboard.She loved to throw them at the back-benchers to make them quite during her lectures!

6. The Lazy One

We always caught her sleeping in class & laughed at her snoring.

7. The Talkative One

The topic of the day, “Algebra.” What she would talk about, “Her personal life.” It was more interesting than algebra anyway.

8. The Hulk

Extremely argumentative and extremely hard to argue with. Contradict at your own risk.

9. The Partial One

Yeah. He was like Scum-Bag Steve. He was the one who wouldn’t hesitate to give his favourites 99.999% in his subject while the rest of us barely passed.

10. The Non-Teachers

The Music teacher, N.C.C teacher, P.T teacher and the Librarian were teachers but they weren’t exactly teachers. Go figure.

11. The Hot One

She was the one after whom half the school was crazy after. Girls liked her for her saris & the boys liked her because, well, they were boys.

12. The Substitute Teacher

Best. Teacher. Ever.

13. The Over Enthusiastic Teacher

The one who made us practice the march past even in scorching 40°C weather & was superbly enthu about the whole damn thing.

14. The Teacher Who Spied On Us

The one who kept track of all the gossip spreading around & said, “I know what is going in this class!”

15. The Teacher Who Just Couldn’t Sit Down

She just kept pacing around the classroom for the entire lecture while we read paragraphs from our chapters. But why?

16. The Eagle Eyed Teacher

The one teacher who always caught us having lunch during her class.

17. The World’s Best Teacher

The one who actually added meaning to our schooling years & gave us some brilliant academic and life lessons which we’ll always cherish. We still remember them, miss them & have actually cried while saying goodbye to them.

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