So, which book influenced your life the most? Is it the Harry Potter series or The Lord Of The Rings? Was it one of Paulo Coelho’s books or Chetan Bhagat’s novels? Let’s keep aside these bestsellers for a while and talk about the books that actually helped you in time of need. The ones that helped your passage from one class to another. The ones whose authors we just can’t thank enough.

Here are 10 school textbooks that we definitely owe a thank you to:

1. RD Sharma

Remember the Mathematics book whose ‘examples’ we had perfected in time for our board exams. Thanks Mr Sharma for making Maths a wee bit easier for us.


2. BBC English Books

Do you recall the first book that came with CDs? It was so cool to have one. The English exercise book paved the way for us to turn into Grammar Nazis.

Quick fact: BBC stands for Brajindra Book Company.


3. U-Like Sample Papers

If there’s a Bible to score good in Class 10 boards, this is it! (Take note, Class 10 kids)


4. Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur

Remember Lakhi Makhi!? This colourful science book saved our asses so many times.


5. Arihant Books

CBSE’s exam-ready books actually helped us get ready for exams overnight!


6. HC Verma

Remember HC Verma’s concepts of Physics? Here, meet the author himself…


7. Pradeep’s

Our companion in Classes 11 and 12, they welcomed a lot of us into the world of non-medical. All the PCM books put together probably weighed more than us.


8. MBD

Why fear when MBD is here? The publishing group had different categories of books for all the last-minute students.


9. The good old NCERT

We crammed it up religiously and hoped that none of the questions were ‘out of syllabus.’


10. The Desi Kunjiyan

They are like the Amitabh Bachchan of books. They never get old!


Can’t thank them enough, can we?

Let us know which book helped you get through exams below…