Trust is possibly the most important thing to keep a relationship going. But with the constant social media and interaction, boundaries have become a rather slippery issue.

Every couple has their own ideas of what counts as cheating and what doesn’t, but here are a few things that are perfectly normal, and most definitely should not be seen with suspicion in any relationship.

1. Talking to someone of the opposite gender

People have a life outside relationships and it’s just stupid to think otherwise.

2. Having great friends of the opposite gender

Frankly, I’d be way more suspicious of a person who has no friends at all. Platonic relationships are an important part of our lives and happiness.

3. Having a great time with old friends

Being in a relationship does not suddenly erase all other people from a person’s life. Duh!

4. Having inside jokes and secrets with friends

Platonic relationships can be deep and special bonds in their own ways. It may or may not be the same in a relationship.

5. Trusting best friends as much (or even more, sometimes) than the partner

Trust is not a limited resource. It’s quite possible to be able to trust more than one person at a time, and to varying degrees. No big deal.

6. Greeting someone with a smile/compliment/hug

Common courtesy and good behaviour is not the same as flirting. No threat detected!

7. Enjoying some alone time

Wanting to spend time alone is not the same as wanting to take a break from the relationship.

8. Prioritising personal goals

We’re all independent adults here. It’s only fair that we’ll look out for ourselves, innit?

9. Masturbating

Masturbation and sex are totally different ball games, and everyone deserves to enjoy themselves in whatever way they like!

10. Watching porn

As above, everyone has their preferences. It’s normal and healthy.

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What counts as cheating in a relationship then? Well, if you feel the need to hide something, you probably shouldn’t be doing that in the first place.