Sure it’s 2014. Sure, women have crossed all kinds of barriers and even traveled to space. But let’s face it; there are certain extremely offensive conclusions some people still make about women. Certain things that men do which go by unnoticed and accepted as normal but god forbid if a woman does it, all hell breaks loose! Here’s a list of 12 extremely sexist and offensive stereotypes that some people attach to Indian women.

1. She speaks so loudly. She’s such a shameless attention seeker.

2. She doesn’t speak to everyone freely. What a snob!

5. There’s only one reason why she has so many guy friends. You know!

6. If she rarely wears Indian outfits, she’s such a goddamn wannabe!

7. She’s wearing such tight clothes. What a tease!

8. Look at her drink and smoke like a dude.

9. Cracking dirty jokes? That’s so not a feminine thing to do.

10. 30 and still unmarried? There must be something wrong with her.

11. Oh, she’s driving? Are you sure she can drive?

12. Wow! She came up with a great idea? I’m sure some ‘guy’ helped her out.