The worst part about sexual harassment (for both men and women) is that more often than not, the perpetrator is known to the victim. Living around us in the garb of a friend wanting to ‘help’ us study, an acquaintance wanting to ‘meet’ up for drinks or sometimes, a dear friend wanting much more than a friendship, things would have been so much simpler had everyone known and respected one word – consent.

When defaulters are asked why they did what they did, they often cover up by saying things like, ‘But, he was flirting back,’ or, ‘She was dancing with me late at night.’ And not just them, often times, the victims too feel that they owe it to someone who is being nice.

This series of posters by Avalon Sexual Assault Centre designed by Canadian artist Krista Davis are a lesson in consent for everybody. Check them out:

There is only one thing that means consent – a yes. Everything else is a NO.