As much as we may act hush-hush about it, truth remains that love is an indispensable part of our lives. Seriously. Like there’s food, water and love. Love, romance, sex- names differ but at the core of it all is you trying to derive comfort and happiness out of physical intimacy with your partner.

Alternet has very lovingly compiled a list of 12 most sexually satisfied countries in the world. And while our notion of love and romance is usually limited to places like France and Spain, you’ll be surprised to see many new names on the list. Let’s find out.

#12 China

Surprise! Actually, come to think of it, it shouldn’t be that surprising, should it? After all, China does have the largest population in the world. Moreover, 70% of the sex toys in the world are manufactured in China. Moral of the story- behind those closed doors, are some really satisfied couples.

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#11 Germany

Although Germans have often been regarded as the ‘worst lovers in the world’ (apparently for being too smelly!) yet they seem to be pretty satisfied sexually. And although 32% of the Germans admitted to having a one-night stand, yet it has one-sixth the HIV rate of the U.S.A


#10 Nigeria

Although at number 10, Nigeria has been rated the number one sexually satisfied nation in the world by condom manufacturer, Durex. After all, 67% of the population claims to have attained sexual nirvana.


#9 Australia

With 75% of the Australians having admitted to having sex on the road, it is little wonder then that the average number of partners that an Australian man had was 25. Moreover, 27% of the Australian women said they wouldn’t want to change a single thing about their sex lives. Got it, mate?

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#8 India

The land of the Kamasutra is at number 8. Although Indians experience sex at a relatively later age (22 on an average) yet, that in no way hampers their sexual satisfaction. With most Indian men laying much emphasis on foreplay and seduction, almost 61% Indians admitted to being sexually satisfied.

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#7 Mexico

Their emphasis on sex education has already made them the second most sexually satisfied country in the world. What helps is that sex work has been decriminalized in more than half the states of the country.

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#6 Netherlands

Netherlands has both sex education policies and nude beaches in abundance. Little wonder then that Amsterdam is often cited as the sex capital of Europe. And yet, the country has a teen birth rate of 5.3% per 1,000 as compared to 39.1% per 1,000 in the U.S.A

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#5 Greece

Perhaps the reason why Greeks are so happy and satisfied sexually is because they’re so open about discussing sex. They’ve talked about it for centuries. Hell, even Hippocrates spoke at length about sex. And that was in the 4th century, dude. Of course, the great food and picturesque locations help. Reports claim that Greek have sex the most number of times in a year. Maybe hence the term, Greek God.

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#4 Brazil

Not just on the soccer field, Brazilians are champions in bed as well. No wonder they tend to lost their virginity much before than others across the globe. The reports vary as to how many times the Brazilians have sex in a week. Some say once a week while others count it at thrice a week. Whatever may be the frequency, Brazilian men are considered to be the world’s second best lovers. ‘Nuff said.

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#3 Italy

Why are Italians considered to be the best lovers in the world? Is it because of the good wine? Is it because of the good food? Is it because of their accent? Is it because of their mastery over the art of seduction? Whatever the reason may be, truth remains that the Italians are just irresistible. (Think Monica Belluci). With 64% of the Italians satisfied with their sex lives, Italy continues to seduce the world.


#2 Spain

They’re sexy and they know it. Nude beaches, check. Social acceptance of gay marriages, check. Handsome guys, check. Sexual satisfaction, double check. In a recent poll, 15,000 women across the globe preferred Spanish men. Moreover, more than 90% of Spanish men and women admitted to being sexually satisfied. Que Suerte !


#1 Switzerland

Is it the picturesque landscape? Is it the romantic Yash Raj movies? Is it the sex education programs they start from kindergarten itself? Perhaps it’s an amalgamation of all of them. The best part is that although 32% of the people have admitted to having sex at public places, yet, the country has one of lowest teen birth rate in the world. Beat that, USA.

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Well, now that you know how your neighbours have been faring, what are you going to do to improve your performance, eh?