Men…you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. I fail to understand how a species like men can be so annoying and yet so incredibly sexy at the same time? I mean, one minute they think it is completely OK to forget your birthday and the very second minute they do something unintentionally which turns out to be so darn sexy! But here is the catch, most men don’t know that we find certain unexpected thing sexy, so fellas to save your ass the next time you forget your anniversary, I am decoding 13 things that men didn’t know that women find incredible sexy!

1. Making eye contact while talking

Nothing screams sexy like a confident man who can look into your eyes while talking.

2. Rolled up sleeves of a full-sleeved shirt

This is like formal meets casual in a suave way. So sexy!

3. Being concerned about our safety when we are not with them.

That cute little message asking us if we have reached home is so sweet and so sexy.

4. The first thing we notice in a man are his shoes. A good pair of shoes goes a long way.

Now we don’t expect you to wear a pair of Tod’s, but a pair of good well maintained shoes look very classy.

5. A man with well kept, clean hands.

No no, don’t rush for a manicure just yet, but clean your hands properly, especially if you are a smoker.

6. If you make an effort to smell good for us, we find that very sexy.

Use your cologne judiciously. We love it when a man walks into the room smelling nice.

7. A man dressed in a white shirt.

I can’t really explain why this color(pink is a close second, by the way), but a man in a crispy white shirt is so bloody sexy.

8. When men have a well maintained stubble.

We don’t want a forest growing on your face, but a well maintained stubble is so macho

9. Men in Boxers.

Over briefs any day.

10. A man doing grocery shopping.

If you are domesticated and don’t mind helping out a little here and there with the groceries, it is so sexy.

11. A man cooking.

There is a reason why all women find chefs hot.

12. When they hold our shopping bags.

Without us asking them too.

13. And when they hold the door for us.

Be it a car door or a restaurant door. Chivalry is so sexy

Image Source: Gentlemensavenue

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