When your friends tell you they’re getting married, you go through the three stages of shock: disbelief, happiness and crazy anxiety. No matter how old you guys get, it suddenly makes you feel that much older and at the same time a whole lot younger. What accompanies this jarring news is even funnier however, as you suddenly start to question your entire life situation.

If your friends are getting married soon, chances are you’re going through a range of these feelings.

1. You mercilessly start taking your friend’s case for no reason. ” Ab toh scene khatam beta !”.

2. You feel great that your friend has found happiness and genuinely congratulate them.

3. But at the same time you start freaking out about whether or not you’re mature enough for your age.

4. You start looking forward to the wedding celebrations. Time to get smashed!

5. As the news starts to sink in, you start wondering if you should begin getting more serious about your own life.

6. And you also start wondering whether the person you’re with is ‘the one’.

7. For the first time you realize marriage is a serious affair.

8. You get nostalgic about all the good times you had and all the carefree moments you shared. And you wonder if things will ever remain the same.

9. But at the same time you know there’s a whole new dynamic between your friends, which is not a bad thing.

10. You also end up being extra nice to them and asking them if they need any help, even though you’re still going to be friends after they’re hitched.

11. You keep discussing the old days as if it’s the end of the world.

12. At times, finding your own niche starts becoming more imperative and you start getting serious about life.

13. Other times you just can’t believe that your friends are shouldering that kind of responsibility.

14. Along with your friends, you start panicking about what to wear for which function. You too need to look your best. After all, yaar ki shaadi hai !

15. You observe things and make mental notes about the things you like. And just like that, you begin planning your own wedding.

16. Your friends lose sleep over their impending nuptials. You lose sleep trying to calm them down.

17. While running around doing shaadi ka kaam, y ou begin to bond with your friends’ parents and become their favorite . Did uncle suddenly become a whole lot cooler?

18. You start doubting whether you should still be partying and chilling every weekend as the bigger picture becomes more important.

19. You feel like life is finally moving forward and that your time will soon also arrive. Scary but exciting!

If the news of your friends getting married ever starts to overwhelm you, remember that you have a bunch of good times to look forward to, as well as a whole lot of ‘grown up stuff’ like brunches and dinner parties. Eat, drink, make merry!