All of India was looking forward to India’s semifinal clash against Australia at the SCG. An entire nation held its breath, and then…India lost. No amount of consoling would matter, as Australia beat India by 95 runs. Emotions were running high as messages of support began coming in thick and fast.

However, Times NOW began a shameful debate which berated the cricket team and the ‘superstars’ who ‘deserved to be thrown out’. Lead by its anchor Arnab Goswami, the channel called over ‘experts’ frothing at the mouth, just waiting to pounce on the team’s only loss in the tournament.

The Twitterati, as it turned out were smarter than Times NOW might have anticipated. People saw through the ploy of the news channel trying to milk the ‘National Side’ for their personal gains. They stood by their team.

Soon Twitter gave Times NOW a taste of their own medicine.

Arnab Goswami reinforced his reputation of an obnoxious journalist, if not a bad one.